SINCHOLD 3120/17/38 Perforation Type forged Steel Flexible Self-Locking Crane Rail Clips

SINCHOLD 3120/17/38 Perforation Type forged Steel Flexible Self-Locking Crane Rail Clips
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Product Details

SINCHOLD 3120/17/38 Perforation Type Forged Steel Flexible Self-Locking Crane Rail Clips

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SINCHOLD supply 3120/17/38 forged steel high quality crane rail clip. We provide five-year quality assurance around the world except for non-human damage and force majeure. We offer free replacement for any quality problem. SINCHOLD is dedicated to the port terminal crane rail fastening system for many years covering most of Asia. Our goal is to push better products to all corners of the world, we are looking forward to being your long-term partner in China.

Product Introduction of the 3120/17/38 Crane Rail Clips

SINCHOLD 3120/17/38 crane rail clip is a perforation type clip with self-locking function, horizontal lateral force can withstand rail 75 KN (7.6 tonnes). SINCHOLD 3120/17/38 crane rail clip is made of special washer, forged steel clamp and special rubber pressure tongue. Low installation height can meet with a horizontal guide wheel crane.

Product Parameter(Specification)of the 3120/17/38 Crane Rail Clips




Rubber Tongue Size


Horizontal Distance

Crane Rail Clips


With rubber pad

Depth 14mm



Crane Rail Clips


Without rubber pad

Depth 21mm



Product Feature and Application of the 3120/17/38 Crane Rail Clips

The characteristic of SINCHOLD 3120/17/38 crane rail clips can be lateral adjustment, thus to provide best conditions for the laying of rail straightening, reduced the result at the bottom of the installation process of lateral contact keep track on the wear and tear. At the same time, the rail clips with self-locking function, can prevent the use of loose phenomenon. SINCHOLD 3120/17/38 crane rail clips mature design has been in the national each big steel mills, shipyards, wharf, warehouse automation high standard is widely used in railway engineering. In the rail system of bucket wheel machine, the foundation settlement is one of the main challenges for rail systems, using SINCHOLD 3120/17/38 crane rail clips can act as shock absorption, curb the role of tracks and decrease settlement.

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Production Details of the 3120/17/38 Crane Rail Clips

Our company in order to solve the problem of short construction period and short supply period. All types of Crane Rail Clips will be at least 30000 sets in stock, in order to meet customer demand. Expect the customer has special requirements for surface , we will discuss possible delivery time. Product packaging we use wooden cases inner with moisture sealer, try to reduce the product rusting in the shipping process.

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Deliver, Shipping and Service of the 3120/17/38 Crane Rail Clips

Packaging Details: Wooden cases packing with moisture-proof film inside.

Delivery Detail: According to your requirements, accept L/C or T/T payment.

If you're going to wholesale the sinchold 3120/17/38 perforation type forged steel flexible self-locking crane rail clips made in China, welcome to consult the price list and the quotation with us. We're one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy the famous brands' products in stock at cheap price from us.