SINCHOLD L2 Continuous Steel Composite Rail Rubber Pads

SINCHOLD L2 Continuous Steel Composite Rail Rubber Pads
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Product Details

SINCHOLD L2 Continuous Steel Composite Rail Rubber Pads

Product Introduction

SINCHOLD L2 Continuous Steel Composite Rail Rubber Pads with abrasion resistance, compression, antioxidant, anti ultraviolet radiation and oil resistant made of synthetic rubber. The rubber pads on the surface of the groove, can ensure the rail and ground pad has close contact, reduce the wear pad. The pad is embedded in the middle of a reinforcing steel sheet pad lateral stiffness. The thickness of the steel sheet is very thin, easy to roll up the transportation, steel sheet width and the rubber pad width is proportional to the temperature range of -25℃~100℃.

Product Feature and Application

SINCHOLD L2 Elastic Composite Rubber Pad section is in the middle of micro convex, so its reasonable stress. Plate above a small rectangular convex strip is easy to deformation, not only make the plate and rail is easy to contact, but also increase the elasticity of the plate. The shock absorption effect.It is beneficial to the mechanical parts of the crane, the normal operation of the electric and the service life.

Product ParameterSpecification

1.Rubber pads use oil resistant rubber,the performance should conform to GB/T5574-1994 standard 《industrial rubber》

Rubber pads machinery to meet the following requirements:


(Shore A )

Tensile Strength

Elongation at Break(%)

Pressured Elastic Modulus N/mm²

Composite Rubber Pad





2.The bond stress between steel and rubber of composite rubber pad >1 N/mm²

3.Shore Hardness:75°±A 5(DIN53505)

4.Tensile Strength:(ASTMD412C)leave factory 12.5N/mm²^2—aging 10.5N/mm^2

5.Elongation: leave factory 250%—aging 200%

6.Long Deformation(According to BS903 part A6)leave factory less than 5%,aging less than 20%

7.Allowable Compression Stress:80N/mm^2=80MPa

8.Operating Temperature: from -25℃ to100℃

9.Noise and Vibration Reduction:Noise average reduction 10% DBA,vibration average reduction 48%

Production Details



Deliver,Shipping and Service

Packaging Details:cartons or pallets

Delivery Detail: according to your requirements,accept L/C or T/T payment

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