High-strength Non-shrink Grout

High-strength Non-shrink Grout
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Product Details

High-strength Non-shrink Grout

Product Introduction

SINCHOLD Rail grout is composed of high strength cementitious materials, a variety of admixtures compound and selected aggregate made from after the special craft, with large fluidity, no shrinkage, early strength and high strength and other characteristics such as dedicated rail grout.

Product Parameter(Specification)



Product Feature and Application


By the cement base gelling material, mineral admixture and high performance admixture before the factory production. Add water mix and pour into bolt hole and below the rail, to achieve uniform load transferring bear the forces of the upper, can improve the durability in the port, wharf, high speed railway, shorten the construction period, reduce the pollution.


1.Port and wharf crane rail groove grout.Rail clip ,base plate,bolt fixed grout etc.

2.Apply to all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment(heavy equipment,high precision grinding machine)one~twice grouting.

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Main Points of Construction

Foundation treatment and formwork

1.Concrete foundation surface grinding and cleaning.clean the rust scale and oil stain of paste together components (such as steel plate) .

1.Wet concrete base surface in watering slurry before 4 to 24 hours .There can be no water when the water.

2.For damper should be tight to prevent slurry.


2.Water addition:3.5 kg per bag (25 kg) in water of water mixing proportion.If construction does not need large fluidity can reduce water consumption.

3.Mixing program:after join the specified amount of water in the mixing barrel into blender,put the part of the dry ingredients into mixing barrel and then into the mix.Appropriate time from start to finish, control should be in 3 ~ 5 minutes.

4.When the stirring,blade should be along the barrel around from top to bottom and move around slowly,make the bottom and bucket wall sticking of dry mixing.Mixing blade shall not above the slurry liquid level in order to avoid air into a slurry.

4.When the water,as far as possible from the side of the injection to discharge the air between the base plate and concrete foundation.When necessary, can use the tools diversion such as bamboo.At the start of the water must be continuous, not continuous.


1.Use the wet straw bag or cloth covered on already watered slurry, and water conservation, 2 ~ 6 times a day.

2.Curing temperature should be in more than 15 ℃, 7 days curing period.If the scene at low temperature can be appropriately extended curing period.

3.Winter construction need to heat preservation measures.

5.Form stripping should be finished in water for 24 hours, and continue to maintenance after form stripping.


Packing and Keeping

SINCHOLD Packaging and storage transportation packaging specifications for 25 kg ± 0.25 kg, with a composite paper bag lined with plastic bag.Store in a dry, shady and cool place, without be affected with damp save the storage life for six months.Extended storage needs to recheck,just can use after qualified.


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