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Application of Rail Clip

Apr 05, 2017

Using the combined rail clips in rail head on the hot glue rubber tongue, tongue selection with resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant synthetic rubber. The track gauge level, around the rail surface level, before and after the bump and the line direction, curve superelevation, rail bottom slope, and rail joint rail joint made by the rules. In the straight section of the railway, the railway Chinese standard gauge of 1435 mm, the error shall pass over 6 to -2 mm.About the rail surface level should be less than 4 mm. Bump bump and string direction of the line before and after volume 10 meters long, allowable error should be less than 4 mm. On a curved track, should be based on the curve radius gauge widening, Chinese standard gauge railway maximum permissible gauge is 1450 mm. The centrifugal force balance for vehicle on a curved track the trajectory of the outer rail must be higher than that of the inner rail (referred to as high). The maximum amount of ultra high Chinese railway rules should be less than 150 mm. The steep curve shall be provided in line with the curve connection, the curvature of a curve and super high gradually changed, in order to ensure the safety and air transport. The wheel tread to the middle of the line 1:20 slope, and the rail surface is required to be introverted, to prevent the rail surface wear uneven rail waist twists and turns. Therefore, line on the railway line, the rail laying rail to have certain inclination, namely rail bottom slope.