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Cantilever hanging parts of the use of electric hoist maintenance requirements

Mar 06, 2017

1. New installation or demolition of the installation of electric hoist, the first should be empty test run several times. But did not install before the end, should not power test.

2. Normal use should be carried out before the rated load of 125%, from the ground about 100 mm, 10 minutes of static load test, check whether the normal.

3. Dynamic load test is the rated load weight, for repeated movements and left and right movement test, after the test to check the mechanical transmission part of the electrical part and the connection part is normal and reliable.

4. In use, it is strictly forbidden to use in an environment that is not allowed, and exceeds the rated load and the rated number of closures per hour (120 times).

5. When installing and commissioning and maintenance, you must strictly check the limit device is flexible and reliable, when the hook rose to the upper limit position, the hook shell to the reel shell distance must be greater than 50mm (10t, 16t, 20t must be greater than 120mm). When the hook down to the lower limit position, should ensure that the drum on the rope safety ring, the effective safety circle must be more than 2 laps.