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CGWK series crane rail fastening pieces

Nov 13, 2017

CGWK series crane rail fastening pieces

The crane rail is fixed, which is mainly used for the suspension rail of the crane beam with a width of less than 350mm and the width of the track is less than 132mm.

1. Features of the CGWK series:

(1) CGWK base plate using two side welding with steel crane beam on the wing along the plate welding, ensures the crane transverse force smooth evenly to the crane beam, and avoid the large openings on the crane beam flange.

(2) CGWK base plate and the top gusset plate are connected by ball hinge. Therefore, in the lateral force action, the deflection is allowed.It can be used to reduce the damage to the structure of the rail, crane beam and brake system.

(3) CGWK base plate is welded to the track floor of 1m/m, which can play a good role in restricting the right and left of the track.

(4) The special bolt of CGWK makes the force more reasonable, and the upper cover plate is demolished and free, which provides the most convenient conditions for the construction, installation and maintenance.

(5) Small volume, light weight, big stress, economical and beautiful.

2. Selection and layout of CGWK:

(1) According to the rail model provided by the design, the corresponding CGWK models should be selected, such as the TG43, which should be selected as cgwk-43.

(2) CGWK fixed connection track, installation required crane upper flange width. (see figure B)

rail clip.png

3. Installation of CGWK:

(1) Before installation, the straight track shall be required by design.

(2) Base plate positioning. In the direction of the crane, the base of the distance of 500mm is arranged, and the center of the vertical bolt center is located in the center of the rail. Or the base of the base plate is 1m/m positioning.

(3) Weld base plate. The two sides 6mm stick Angle welding.

(4) Assemble the fastener in the following order:

The bolt is in place -- the upper cover plate -- the flat washer -- the spring washer -- the nut -- fastening