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Check the track rubber pad to ensure product quality

Mar 28, 2018

The rail rubber pad can be made of various kinds of material rubber to make vulcanization molding, the general shock absorber is natural rubber, the oil resistance is butyronitrile, the acid and alkali use ethylene propylene rubber, the high temperature oil and so on use fluorine glue. The rail rubber pad is a rubber sleeper. The blend of natural butadiene is mainly used as insulation and elastic (shock absorber).

Rail rubber pad inspection items and determination principles.

Objective: to guide the inspection personnel and ensure the quality of products.

Technical requirements of rail rubber pad:

1. Materials: rubber pad materials are mainly composed of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, and no reclaimed rubber is allowed.

2. The pads must be manufactured according to the drawings approved by the ministry of railways.

3. Appearance quality:

(1) The surface is smooth and trim.

(2) Lack of Angle: at both ends of the four positions, there is no more than one third of the missing Angle.

(3) For the two working surfaces, due to impurities, bubbles, water lines, sulks, and the lack of adhesive area of 9mm2, the depth shall not be greater than 1mm, and each block shall not exceed two places. Sponges: sponges that are not allowed on the working surface and are not allowed to have more than a third of the feet on the four positioning feet.

(4) Edge: no more than 3mm.