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Common problems of anchor bolts and disposal methods

Nov 27, 2017

A lot of mechanical equipment installation will use the anchor bolt, in the installation of mechanical equipment, the anchor bolt often encountered three kinds of problems: the anchor bolt deviation, the elevation deviation and the ground bolt live bolt.Here are the ways to deal with these three issues:

1. Elimination of anchor bolt deviation

Processing of center distance deviation.Local bolt center distance deviation beyond the allowable value, with chisel remove concrete around thread, first remove the depth to 8 to 15 times the diameter of the anchor bolt, and then use oxygen - acetylene flame heating anchor bolt bending parts need correction to about 850 ℃, with a sledgehammer and a jack.After meeting the requirement, weld the steel plate at the bending part to prevent the bolt from being pulled straight again.Finally fill the concrete.

2. Handle the elevation deviation

The positive deviation of the anchor bolt elevation exceeds the allowable range, should be cut to a part, and reworked the thread.If the anchor bolt elevation negative deviation and no more than 15 mm, should be cut to part of the concrete, and then use oxyacetylene flame will anchor bolt screw thread part outside roasted red, long after the long diameter on both sides of narrow part of the welding on two reinforced steel bar or tube.If the negative deviation exceeds 15mm, the anchor bolt should be cut off, and a new bolt shall be resoldered, and 4 steel bars shall be welded in the butt welding, and then the concrete shall be rewatered after completion.

3. The handling of anchor bolt "living board"

When tightening the anchor bolt, the bolt is pulled out from the equipment base, so that the installation cannot be carried out.At this point, the central concrete of the bolt is to be chipped, and two crossed u-shaped bars are welded and filled with concrete to reattach the bolts.