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Comparison Between Dog Spikes And Screw Spikes

May 31, 2017

Railroad spike, also called track spike or railway nail, plays an important role in ensuring the stability of railroad. It is a large rail nail used to fasten railway sleepers or rail ties in the rail track. The obvious features of track spike are the offset head, flat edge point and chisel, which make the spike resist to loosening. Railway spike is the main component in rail fasteners and it can also be made into railroad spike knife.

According to its features, railway spikes can be divided into two types, screw spike and dog spike. It has many different functions and can strengthen types of products. In order to satisfy requirements of environment, technology and freezing, there are still various special spikes like square head spike, hexagon head spike, dog spike with traditional or special designs.


Dog Spikes: As the name implies, the dog spike looks like a dog’s head, which is mainly used on T-shaped rails to fasten the rail tracks and tie plates to railway wooden sleepers.

Screw Spikes: Screw spike is usually used to fix the fasteners to railroad ties. Besides, used together with rail plastic sleeve, it can be casted into the concrete sleepers. Owning to specific requirements and geographic features, screw spikes are various in thread profiles, lengths and diameters. Compared with dog spikes, screw spikes have greater fixing power, but higher cost.