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Durability, shorter duration, lower pollution rail grouting

Oct 26, 2017

The rail grouting high-speed railway can improve durability, shorten construction period and reduce pollution.

The crawler mortar is composed of cementing material, mineral mixing and high performance. Mix the water into the bolt hole, and under the clue, the realization of uniform transmission weight bearing at the top of the port, wharf, high-speed trains to force, can improve the durability, shorten the construction period, reduce pollution.

When stirring, the blades should move slowly around to make the bottom and barrel walls adhere to dry materials; Stir the blade to the surface of the liquid to prevent the air from being fixed by the slurry. The basic concrete surface is clear and clean. The parts (such as steel plates) that are bonded to the seat size are removed from the rust and oil. The blade must be tightened to prevent mud leakage. The surface of the concrete base of water slurry for 4-24 hours before irrigation is applied to wetting. 

Water may not be watered when watering. After each bag (25 kg) of water 3. The proportion is 5 kg of water mixing, such as the accumulation of no larger flow, can be reduced with the corresponding consumption. Caterpillar mortar is a kind of natural aggregate, has good liquidity, high compressive strength, long working hours, economy, compact, no contraction, no rust, no metal aggregate, the actual construction, continuous improvement, good adhesion, toughness special handlebar mortar.

After adding a certain amount of water to the mixing tank, put the dry material into the bucket, stir, and then pour the rest in the stirring, and should check for about 3-5 minutes from the beginning to the end. When watering, try to discharge from the side as far as possible, to facilitate the release of air between the ground and concrete. When necessary, use bamboo tablets and other tools to guide. 

After the irrigation begins, the water must proceed continuously. The removal of the mould must be completed in the water after 24 hours, and the mold will remain after the mould has been removed. Curing temperature must be more than 15 ℃, the curing period of 7 days. If the temperature field is low, the cycle hardening will be extended properly. Cover with a wet straw bag or cloth over the water that has been watered, and sprinkle with several dollars of water each day. Insulation measures must be taken in winter construction.