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How does the rail clip assembly install better

Jul 11, 2018

In general, the rail beam with the rail clip assembly has two types of materials, one is pure soil material and the other is steel structure material. For concrete beam must leave in advance good embedded holes when building beam, these holes are fixed installation of bolts used, of course can also be in the system of beam when the bolt directly to bury it.

For the installation methods commonly used hook screw fixation, pressure plate fixation, welding and bolt joint fixation. Punch when the depth of the hole must be deep enough, this is for the convenience of the late in a horizontal adjustment, if need to adjust in the vertical direction to remember mat mat under the rail.

Rail fixed clip assembly material rigidity is also different, can according to the force of the field is set to the single and double hole, the method of connection and there are many to choose from, it's important to note that only when is between steel plate and orbital welding, fixed parts can be in the same welding way to install, so there are some limitations. However, the firm performance of welding is the best. As long as the anti-rust measures are in place at ordinary times, the welding can be used for a long time without loosening or peeling.

When installing a fixed rail clip assembly parts to track beam also to have certain requirements, the need for deviation between horizontal and vertical reserved bolt hole above 5 mm distance, convenient later period fixed by the chapter. The diameter of the screw hole is also larger than the actual diameter of the bolt, generally 3 mm is suitable, otherwise it may be blocked and other reasons may not be able to install.