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How is the development of light modular cranes?

Mar 06, 2017

1, increase productivity: light modular crane flexible response, especially in the work cycle is very frequent circumstances, light modular cranes can greatly enhance the efficiency, so as to bring huge profits to the enterprise. The traditional I-beam lifting equipment is slow to move, the reaction is clumsy, need to spend a lot of effort to move the plant material.

2, precision and smooth: light modular cranes can easily and accurately handle the original material within the plant or the need to combine semi-finished products, from the perspective of mobile and positioning, its operability is the traditional I-beam lifting equipment more than 3 times. The key factor lies in the patented closed track design, high strength weight ratio and rigid structure combined with special type track car design;

3, user-friendly design: more than 90% of the workers can pass light-duty modular crane to complete the material handling work. With a 2000KG workpiece, only 10% of employees can safely operate traditional I-beam lifting equipment; however, 90% of employees are able to safely use light modular lifting equipment to complete the work. In the case of increasingly high labor costs, older workers more and more cases, the use of modular cranes is your wise choice;

4, custom design: light modular cranes can be customized according to the actual situation of the factory environment, whether it is track length, height, span can meet your needs. And light modular crane installation, demolition is simple, these are the traditional I-beam crane can not do.