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How to Do If You Have Any Deviation From the Anchor Bolts Before Installation

Aug 01, 2017

anchor bolts.jpg

During the installation of the equipment, the position of the anchor bolt and the unqualified elevation are often encountered, causing problems for the installation work.When deviation occurs, according to the actual situation of the equipment, different methods are used, and the common treatment methods are as follows:

1. Deviation of anchor bolt center

Anchor bolt under 30 mm in diameter, the center line of the migration within 30 mm, can use first oxyacetylene flame will bolt roasted red, with a big hammer to bolt clinch or with one thousand catties by bending, steel weld reinforcement should be used after correction, prevent recovery when tightening bolts.

anchor bolts drawing.jpg

For more than 30 mm in diameter anchor bolt large deviation occurs, should bolt to cut off the first, in the middle of the bolt with a steel plate welding, such as the bolt strength is insufficient, can be on the bolts on both sides of the welding two pieces of reinforcing steel, the length shall not be less than the bolt diameter 3 ~ 4 times.

anchor bolts drawing.jpg

2. High deviation of anchor bolt

When the bolt is too high, cut off the top part of the thread.In the case of thread, it is important to prevent oil from dripping to the concrete foundation and the quality of the foundation.

If the bolt is less than 15mm below the height of the required height, the red elongation of the available oxyacetylene flame can be used, and 2 ~ 3 steel plate reinforcement is added to the drawing.

anchor bolts drawing.jpg

Such as low bolt (more than 15 mm), cannot use heating method, long can dig a pit in bolt around, at about 100 mm from bottom to bolt down and the other welding new bolt, elevation to conform to the requirements, and then with a round steel reinforcement.The length of the reinforced round steel is four to five times the diameter of the bolt.

3. The ground bolt is loose in the foundation

When tighten the anchor bolts, is likely to bolt, pull bolts at this time should be adjusted to the original position, and shovel out the basis of sufficient space around bolt, and then on the bolt welding two u-shaped steel, finally will pit cleaned with water and grouting, the intensity of concrete in the design and then tighten the nut.

anchor bolts drawing.jpg

4. Treatment of bolt deviation of living ground feet

The method of handling bolt deviation of the living ground bolt is the same as the bolt of the dead bolt, but can be removed and disposed of the anchor bolt.If the bolt is too long, a piece of rethread can be cut on the machine tool.If the bolt is too short, it can be extended by hot forging.If the position does not match, use bending method to correct.