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How to eliminate the three common problems of anchor bolt?

Sep 25, 2017

Anchor bolt is used for fixed link, but in the use process often appear some common problems, such as: anchor bolt center deviation, highly inappropriate and anchor bolt anchor bolt looseness in the three major problems, how to deal with these problems?

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Eliminate three problems of anchor bolt :

1. Treatment of center deviation.

When the bolt diameter is less than 30mm and the center deviation is within the mm (10~30) mm, the bolt will be burnt red with the flame of oxygen acetylene, and the welding plate will be strengthened after bending with the sledgehammer, so as to prevent the bolt from tightening and recuperating.The bolt diameter is greater than 30mm. When the deviation is larger, the bolt can be cut off and welded with a steel plate in the middle of the bolt. If the bolt is not strong enough, the length of the steel plate shall be 3~4 times the diameter of the bolt.

2. The height of the anchor bolt is not qualified

(1) When the anchor bolt is too high, it can be cut back to the thread.

(2) When the bolt is low and the difference is less than 15mm, the bolt will be red with acetylene flame, and then elongate it. Stretch of method is: in the middle of the two overlapping plate set up a perforated plate and a suit on the anchor bolt, the use of non-standard nut torque tighten, burn in spin red to take the force of bolt, the bolt is too low and the difference more than 15 mm, can be in the surrounding to dig a deep hole, at about 100 mm from bottom up to bolt cut, the other a car is made of the same diameter of new welding non-standard bolt, and two iron reinforcement.The length of the iron rod is about four to five times the diameter of the bolt.

3. The ground bolt is loose in the foundation.

Bolt looseness, bolt first knock back in place, and will base hole shovel into the shape of a middle big, two small head, and then on the bolt welded (vertical and horizontal two round steel, rinse clean water will be a pit and grouting, such as solidification and then screw down the bolt.