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Introduction of Flexible Rail System Application Cases

Mar 22, 2017

SINCHOLD has rich experience to design or repair crane rail systems for many customers.We provide solutions and products for customers can effective response to the rail expansion caused by high temperature and prevent rail fracture.Can provide abundant gauge adjustment space when support rail beam structure deformation can be very convenient to adjust.Flexible clamp and flexible rail rubber pad use cooperatively can be effective shock absorption,at the same time extend the service life of rail system to protect the stability of support rail beam structure.

1.Container unloading bridge rail system

The container bridge has been the trend of the times,with the shore bridge outreach,the weight increase of cranes,loading and unloading efficiency,demand for rail system has been improved.Container bridge for mainly reflects in the rail system requirements on:

Big wheel pressure:Typhoon season is not only the wind load of wheel pressure, is also the current container crane working pressure even in the case of operation and can reach more than 100 tons per round.On the fixed orbit and rail system put forward unprecedented high demand.

Vibration and shaking:Compared with traditional crane work relatively static load,in the process of modernization of shore bridge wheel pressure load is more complex,in addition to the stress of the three directions.Typhoon season wind wheel loading and working pressure containerunloading bridge operation circumstances of high requirements of rail fasteningsystems.Need to bear unprecedented twisting force and variable.

For such high demand,the rail system should consider when the choice has better bearing capacity and stability of the rail,with greater resistance to lateral force and vibration resistance (locking) rail clips,has better compression wear-resisting performance of rail plate.

2.Container bridge rail system

Characteristicssuch as environmental protection,energy saving,high efficiency,make more andmore container terminal owner choose rail type bridge.Because of the differencebetween container yard and wharf apron,the foundation istoo soft and easy to settle,at the same time bridge wheel pressure load demandis not very big,so the performance of rail system is very important.

3.Bulk cargo wharf rail system

For most bulk piece cargo wharf handling equipment (bridge loading and unloading ship machine, gantry crane, etc.),the wheel pressure and working frequency requirements although lower than container gantry cranes,but there is another problem: terminal cleaning and corrosion protection. SINCHOLD can for the user to design the corresponding rail or discontinuous rail system,convenient rail cleaning,antisepsis and drainage.

4. Bucket wheel machine rail system

Unlike wharf apron equipment,bucket wheel machine  rail  system  has  its  own  characteristics  and  requirements,partial load,vibration,foundation settlement is a major challenge of the rail system. SINCHOLD in view of the bucket wheel machine rail system design of discontinuous solutions to better damping, constraints, and reduce subsidence rail,at the same time also has the characteristics of the late adjustment more convenient.

5.Shore bridge trolley rail system

 SINCHOLDFlexible rail fixed system of crane hoist the running speed,work often huge system of meaning,and can be effective shock absorption and protection of the rail.At the same time,in view of the present widely used A series of low load trolley rail surface,we can provide relatively low installation surface of the rail clips to match,can prevent the platen and shore bridge girder structure or car guide wheel interference.

6. Non-ferrous metal industry rail system

Crown  track seemingly simple in metallurgical industry but practical problems is themost rail system.Because of its high working frequency,huge work load anddifferent from ground fundation rail system.Installed on the steel or concrete beam, the foundation itselfdeformation will distort in the using process.Much more for high temperature dust and working environment,re more likely to affect the service life of rail system.

7.Shipbuilding gantry crane rail system

Shipyard gantry crane rail is the most typical characteristics of the center of the lifting structure and flexible leg,causing the girder deformation amplitude,leg deformation amplitude,in turn, cause lateral force increases to rail,increasing requirement to the rail clips,if choose undeserved, it is easy to occur rail loss constraint,the unstability of the crane!

At the same time due to the constant large-scale trend of the gantry crane(300T-400T-600T-900T-1200T-1600T),inevitable the weight is also greatly improve, at the same time of wheel set quantity increasing, also inevitably increase the single wheael pulley, and a new problem: rail models of choice.

 In a very large vertical and lateral force, wheel pressure of rail accessories is rail fixed system into the choice of top priority! Improper selection, will bring very grave consequences, light rail foibles, continuously maintenance burden; Heavy rail system is completely unable to meet the requirements of safe operation of equipment.

 So the gantry crane rail should be chosen with very high resistance ability to lateral force rail clips,at the same time to consider in the design to the gantry crane hoisting, passed to railthe new dynamic turning torque of the impacts of rail clips.