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Oil resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion synthetic rubber

Oct 26, 2017

Pressure rail device adopts adjustable modular segments, overcome the failure of traditional track, the traditional identification plate is often used to directly by the rail steel steel, cannot ensure reliable contact between the plate and rail. Linking piece cannot be installed on some level adjustment, so that in the normal load or after shrinkage, due to the rail of longitudinal motion is easy to wear, matsuzaka bolt and plate rotation, the surface wear and gnaw rail of the rail, serious when broken rail, this will also affect the driving mechanism of wheel wear and damage.

Adjustable composite crawler plates can be fixed horizontally and can adjust the position of the track horizontally, such as the QU80 plate allows the pitch to be tilted to a lateral alignment of 15mm. For example, the QU120 board allows a lateral adjustment of 20 mm, and features a self-locking, reliable rental circuit to prevent the spread from being exposed to large rounds of pressure migration. Adopt the elastic force fast track in the vertical direction. Namely, the pressure tongue, the tongue is durable, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion synthetic rubber.

The board is a reliable and strong fittings, for crane rail and the ground (or bearing beam), it arranged along the rail length, every 500 mm set, a set of secondary pay, symmetrically on the other side of the tracks, in crane operation state, it can have vertical and lateral impact force, and can withstand the additional lateral force arising from the crane skewed operation. The rubber compound mat is laid at the bottom of the track. The track is preloaded, which can prevent the lifting force of the track of the large wheel pressure movement, causing the bolts to loosen and affect the damage of each unit.

It can also provide the longitudinal movement of the track and the expansion and contraction of the rail, without wearing out on the plate track, and can make the bottom surface of the track and the crawler rubber composite pad maintain close contact. To ensure the smooth running of the crane, often use now laying welded rail, the whole process of the crane will be welded to a, no segment joints, the installation requirements higher, the amount of expansion and contraction is greater. The adjustable composite crawler plate is especially suitable for this kind of pavement, which can eliminate the disadvantage of welding trajectory.