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KBK Crane Flexible Lightweight Combination System

Mar 06, 2017

1, good reliability, high stability

KBK light crane system components are all standard modules, can guarantee high-volume, high-quality production, and thus the system is very reliable; system module is the main body of three specifications of cold-rolled profiles, strength, good stiffness, light weight, System stability.

2, strong adaptability

KBK crane system can be designed according to the needs of the plant, the flexibility to design and install the crane system, from fixed-point delivery to high-precision multi-point, multi-beat automated transmission line, can be arbitrarily combined. Can be used for new design of the plant can also be used for the transformation or extension of the old system.

3, easy installation, cost-effective

KBK system installation is very convenient, profiles and the standard modules can only be used between the bolts can be used to save the plant space and area, greatly reducing the human resources, improve production efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption and improve business efficiency The The system can be manually operated, can also achieve automatic, semi-automatic operation, efficient operation.