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Method of Safe Operation of KBK Rail Crane

Mar 06, 2017

This equipment is usually used in machine tools and other parts of the environment, so the choice of electric hoist, be sure to pay special attention to its speed control requirements, so as to be based on the user when the specific speed of lifting the slow landing, so wrong Suspended collision. During the operation of the equipment, the user must have a professional work experience, to understand the internal structure of the equipment, the risk of illegal operations have the ability to know, only meet the standards of the operator to ensure the use of safety and efficiency , Before the operation of equipment, but also on the equipment for professional and effective inspection and found a wear or failure, the need for timely maintenance.

As the crane is suspended in the track of the track I-beam walking, the manual monorail car is suspended in the main frame of the main beam walking, a taxi and manual monorail between the car and the goods are driven by the hand chain; Equipment is usually used in the general warehouse and workshop at room temperature, suspended in the fixed span of the I-beam track for loading and unloading heavy objects or maintenance equipment.