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Method of use of rail clip

Oct 18, 2017

Rail clip isvery extensive application in the engineering machinery, today to talk about the content of the crane crawler board: crane belongs to a more dangerous special equipment, the structure design, manufacturing and inspection are national standard and fixed crawler plate no design standards or specifications. In crane safety accidents, many are caused by the solid fault of the crawler board. Therefore, the stress distribution of the rail clip is studied, and it is hoped to provide reasonable analysis method and design basis for the plate.

Analyzes the dynamics of railway bridge crane, in order to enhance hook, grab bucket or the object of the electromagnet, through the bridge bearing load on the wheel, through the contact of wheel and rail, and then load from orbit, orbit plate, support beams until the ground. The power of the circuit is analyzed in three directions, i.e. longitudinal, transverse and longitudinal forces. When the crane static, the trajectory under its own weight, the influence of the nominal load and truss heavy position, and in a dynamic, function and vibration of crane is by the load fluctuation, start, acceleration, the influence of the wheel tread. The uneven pitch of the track and the spikes in the track.

Using adjustable composite crawler board to overcome the fault of traditional guide rail in use, adjust the traditional plate in use is often direct and steel rail steel pressure rod. After installation does not guarantee have reliable contact plate rail, some can't horizontal direction after the installation of the fixed plate, after normal loads or thermal expansion caused by the orbit of longitudinal motion after wear and tear, caused by plate bolt looseness, plate rotation, cause traces on the surface of the wear and gnaw rail, causing serious damage to the rail, this also affect the host drive mechanism of wheel wear and damage. Adjustable composite crawler plates can be fixed horizontally and can adjust the position of the track horizontally, such as the QU80 plate allows the pitch to be tilted to a lateral alignment of 15mm.

For example, the QU120 board allows the horizontal adjustment of the track to be 20mm. It has a self-locking function, a reliable rental circuit, and prevents the spread from being exposed to the large wheel pressure migration. Adopt the elastic force fast track in the vertical direction. Namely, the pressure tongue, the tongue is durable, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion synthetic rubber.