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Product characteristics and application range of cement grouting materials

Jun 11, 2018

Cement grouting material is made of high strength cementitious composition, super ink composition, expansion components, optimizing graded aggregate composition and trace of modified components in an appropriate proportion in the factory made of ready-mixed a powdery material. When used, it only needs to be mixed with water to become a uniform, suitable consistency, can meet the construction requirements of high strength non-contraction grouting materials with self-leveling property.

Product features of cement-based grouting materials

1. High strength and early strength of cement grouting materials: the compressive strength of 1-day cement grouting materials is greater than 50Mpa, and the compressive strength of 3-day cement grouting materials is greater than 60Mpa;

2. Superfluidity of cement grouting material: the initial fluidity is greater than 300mm. It can fill all the gaps to meet the requirements of the secondary foothill slurry of the equipment.

3. No shrinkage: it has the function of expansion compensation, eliminating the phenomenon of water shake hardening and contraction, and ensuring close contact between equipment and foundation after grouting. Ensure high precision installation requirements.

4. The early strength of cement grouting material corrosion type grouting material erosion resistance, resistance to erosion, has good resistance to sulfate and water erosion resistance, strong erosion resistance, sea port are available, and sewage treatment plant and other projects.

5. The strength of cement-based grouting material can be increased by more than 10% after soaking in machine oil for 30 days.

6. Durability of cement-based grouting materials this product belongs to inorganic grouting materials, not aging, no corrosion to steel reinforcement. Two million fatigue tests and 50 freeze-thaw cycles showed no significant change in strength.

Application scope of cement grouting material

1. Anchor bolts and machine stand of large equipment and precision equipment;

2. Steel structure: such as rail, steel b/b, steel b/b, etc.;

3. Cement grouting material is suitable for secondary grouting of equipment foundation;

4. Reinforcing beams and columns, planting embedded reinforcement bars;

5. Construction seam fixation of subway, shoe-boy and underground engineering by reverse construction;

6. Cement grouting material is applicable to the reinforcement of concrete structure and the repair of water leakage;

7. Collapse grouting of various infrastructure projects and various emergency repair projects.