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Rail installation maintenance overhaul, line repair, line maintenance.

May 07, 2018

The construction of different sites in long-term open orbit is affected by local seasons, climate, geography, geology and other environmental conditions. Workers and materials and mechanical moving frequently, and the use of materials need to spread on long-haul routes, the old materials collected a large number of returns, so the workers, supplies a lot of work, but also more complex. Many operations affect the operation of the railway, which must be carried out within the interval of the train or the speed of the train. Whether it is line maintenance or line maintenance, it is necessary to restore the track, ensure the safety of the train, and drive the train after a period of time to stabilize and stabilize.

Therefore, the track installation and maintenance must be completed on time, and the planning tasks should be completed, and the quality, construction organization, operation process and working methods of the project should be paid attention to, ensuring traffic safety and personal safety. The track updating and overhaul of tracked maintenance machinery is usually equipped with special steel rail assembly base and guide rail, screen mesh, supplementary material, repairing bed, stamping and other special machinery.Longmen is widely used in China (see track laid). The crawler maintenance should be equipped with light, efficient and convenient special machine.

Rail installation and repair and inspection are all equipped with track testing vehicles and rail flaw detectors.

Rail installation and maintenance overhaul or to replace a new rail rail as the basic content, fixed transect lines at the same time, improve the sleeper, road, rail, roadbed and crossing the state, make track back to the initial quality standard or to a higher standard.

Orbit and a single repair, installation and maintenance, including into a new orbit or railway section, to replace sleeper, laying seamless line, replace the switch and fork pillow, and process the roadbed diseases.

Line maintenance

Track installation and maintenance is mainly used to screen pressurized load, replace dead sleeper, repair and replace defective crawler parts, retrofit orbit, recovery quality or near initial standards.

The line repair keeps track geometry and track surface smooth, makes the gauge, level, direction, height and so on to maintain the good state of maintenance standard through the operation of road, tamper, guide flow, etc.Maintain track components, including replacement of personal defects and wear. The maintenance work also includes check lines and check tracking conditions.