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Rail rubber pad is installed between the rail and the concrete sleeper

Mar 15, 2018

Rail rubber pad is an important part of track structure, installation between steel and concrete sleeper, its main function is through the guide rail cushion vehicle, high speed vibration and impact, protect embankment and sleeper, as well as the insulation of the electrical signal system, in addition to the rubber mat from long exposure to the atmosphere.

Therefore, this requirement has good anti-aging, cold resistance, heat resistance, damping, low noise performance of the subway rubber pad.

Characteristics of rail rubber pads:

1. The model is complete, which is suitable for the laying of all kinds of rails, such as 43KG, 50KG, 60KG, etc.

2. Damping, anti-aging, wear-resistant, high stability, low temperature resistant, styrene products are natural rubber, butyl rubber, neoprene, HDPE, EVA, high density polyethylene composite, such as high elastic products, and in a variety of temperature is not easy to deformation or fracture.

3. Long service cycle, low maintenance and replacement cost.

The rail rubber pad is made of rubber as the main raw material, scientific formula and high-tech production technology. The rail rubber pad meets the requirements of speed and environmental protection, and can improve the transport capacity of the locomotive. Production and marketing of rubber pad, completely changed the long-term use of railway intersection of asphalt, stone, steel and other old laid, changed the cross, frequent accidents, frequent maintenance backwardness, many domestic after laid, in fact, beautiful environment, fast installation is practical, strong and solid security is more and more obvious. Pressure big, wear resistance, convenient installation, firm contact with the road, traffic through no impact and noise, safe to use rubber special agents and professional design institute of the ministry of railways jointly develop high-tech, advanced technology and detection means, product quality reach the level of domestic similar products.

Our company's rail rubber pad production is very quality control and management. The production of rail rubber pad is controlled according to the quality system of ISO9001-2008, and has full set of testing equipment to ensure the quality of all our rubber pads to meet the requirements of customers.