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Rail welded joint

May 24, 2018

Rail welding joint welded (be) refers to the rail end with welding method not bolt holes, without quenching rail welding into continuous long rail rail joint. To make the long rail welding head achieves the mechanical performance of steel rail, with safety seamless line under temperature force, rail welding method can use steel resistance welding machine, rail pressure plateau, and rail thermit wave, etc. The welding head should not have hard bending, false teeth, wrong table and other appearance defects and rail surface irregularity, so as to meet the requirements of running smoothly.

The rail welding

Rail welding refers to the use of resistance welding, pressure welding, aluminium heat welding, arc welding and other welding methods will not be rail terminal bolt holes and without rail quenching the standard length of rail welding processes of growth track.

Welding operation

The welding operation is generally divided into three stages: the preparation stage of the coordination, straightening, end derusting, filing and installation of the dry mold; The basic stage of preheating and welding operation and the repair stage of the operation such as removing the welding tumor, grinding weld, rectifying and straightening, inspection and inspection, etc.


According to the job site branch factory welding and spot welding. Factory welding can achieve high mechanization, automation, welding quality is easy to be guaranteed, production efficiency is high. Spot welding can make up for the shortage of long rail transportation equipment.