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Railway concrete sleeper screw sulfur anchorage strength tester

Jan 17, 2018

I. Purpose:

The concrete sleeper screws used in railway in China are characterized by high strength, reliable use, low cost, convenient construction and easy maintenance. However, it is necessary to ensure the good quality of sulfur anchoring to achieve satisfactory effect. The testing instrument is the test equipment for testing the quality of concrete sleeper sulfur. It is suitable for the detection and construction quality acceptance, management unit and relevant laboratory of new line engineering, track base, line overhaul and maintenance.Used to supervise the quality of sulfur anchorage.

The utility model is a pull-out tool for railway cement sleeper screw. It is composed of base (3), pulling rod (4), elastic cone head (5), tightening rod (6), lifting nut (7), card ring (8) and thrust bearing (9). Pull rod (4) with external thread of the hollow rod, and processing have to match the elastic cone head (5) the cone (11), elastic cone head cones processing also has several elastic slot (10), the base to avoid the sleeper convex surface and rail cant rail base and processing have (12) and (13), the screw rod (6) can be removed. When using the pull rod (4) screwing in the base (1) (3) placed on the sleeper, make the thread spike (2) through which the elastic cone head with a screw rod (6) (5) the screw on the screw spike, screw and remove screw rod (6), to prevent intrusion driving limit tighten rod was too high. Turn to twist the lifting nut (7), the pull rod (4) wrung out, in the process of screw out, elastic cone head (5) the pull rod (4) under the action of cone, the threaded spike clamping, and with the pull rod movement towards the direction of the screw out together, but base to the sleeper compaction, so that the anchor into the sleeper is part of the spike and anchoring sulfur mortar bond effect between the damage and will spike pulls out.

Main Uses:

(1). Test the anti-pulling force of sulfur anchor bolt directly on concrete sleeper to supervise the construction quality of sulfur anchorage.

(2). Test of the compressive strength of sulfur anchoring agent to test the product quality of the anchorage agent.

(3). Load: 80KN.

2. Detection method for the anti-pulling force of screw threads:

The detection of spike resistance is carried out on an anchor sleeper.

(1). Install detector.

Screw the pull rod together with the beam to the untested spike, place the upright post on the shoulder and connect with the adjusting nut.

(2). Place the pump on the sleeper platform, turn the adjusting nut or an pump pressurized handle the host beam contact the pump with an instrument (the fashion force), and keep the beam basic level.

(3). Install the instrument on the top of the measuring beam of the instrument, which can be used.