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The base processing of track grouting

Apr 19, 2018

Foundation treatment and support of track cement:

1. Repair and clean the concrete foundation surface. Components such as steel pads bonded with mortar, remove rust and oil.

Before concrete is poured.

2. 4 ~ 24 hours, wet on the concrete foundation surface, without water in irrigation.

3. The baffle should be strictly set to prevent mud leakage.

Track cement grouting:

1. The amount of water added: according to the ratio of 3.5kg (25kg) per bag (25kg), if the construction does not require a large amount of liquidity, the water consumption will be reduced.

2. Mixing procedures: adding a certain amount of water in a blender, add part of dry materials into the barrel, and then add the rest of the material into the mixing, from start to finish, time control in 3 ~ 5 minutes.

3. When stirring, the blades shall move slowly up and down the barrel, so as to mix the dry materials on the bottom of the bucket and the bucket wall. The mixing blades should not be raised to the slurry level to avoid the air belt in the slurry.

4. When pouring water, try to take the air from the side as far as possible to get the air between the ground and concrete. When necessary, use tools such as bamboo to guide the flow of water. When irrigation begins, it must be continuous.

Track cement curing:

1. The curing temperature should be in more than 15 ℃, curing period for 7 days.If the temperature is low, the curing time can be extended appropriately.