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The characteristics and maintenance of the rail grout

Nov 20, 2017

The rail grout is a special kind of natural aggregates with excellent fluidity, good bond performance and the toughness of special crawler mortar.

Cement base cement material, mineral mixing, high performance mixing materials and other factories. The water mixture is put into the bolt hole and the lower rail to realize uniform transmission bearing capacity, which can improve the durability, shorten the working period and reduce the pollution in the port, the wharf and the high-speed railway.

The characteristics of rail grout:

1. Large flow: the flow can reach 200-300mm, which can fill all holes and meet the requirements of two grouting.

2. High strength: 1 day can reach up to 20MPa.

3. No shrinkage: ensure that the equipment is closely integrated with the foundation.

4. Good insulation: high density structure, good anti-permeability and insulating properties.

5. Low temperature construction: allows outdoor construction minus 10 ℃ temperature.

6. Durability: the product belongs to inorganic cementing material, and the life span is greater than that of the basic concrete. After millions of fatigue tests, there was no significant change in the 50 cycle strength of the freeze-thaw test. After 30 days of soaking, the strength of the oil did not change significantly.

The maintenance of rail grout :

1. Use a wet straw bag or cloth to cover the water in the seat slurry.

2. Curing temperature should be more than 15 ℃, maintenance period for 7 days.If the temperature is low, the hardening cycle can be extended properly.

3. Insulation measures should be adopted in winter construction.

4. The removal of the mould shall be carried out within 24 hours after completion.