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The classification and installation method of the buffer for gantry crane accessories

Dec 04, 2017

Gantry crane buffer is through the use of hydraulic spring damping function, when the car collided in an instant, buffer will play a buffer role, so as to reduce the destruction degree after two cars crashed into each other, to improve the safety of cars and people.

The buffer equipment of gantry crane is divided into three kinds: physical buffer, spring buffer and hydraulic buffer.

The physical buffer is divided into rubber buffer and polyurethane buffer. Both have their own characteristics, the rubber buffer structure is simple, can have the effect of blocking, at the same time, its price is low, service life is long, installation and maintenance is also very convenient, and polyurethane buffer is used more widely in the world.

The structure of the spring buffer is very simple. There are three parts, which are the bumper, the spring and the shell. The principle of the main work is to convert the energy into the compression energy of the spring when the crane collides with the spring buffer to prevent the accident from happening.

The working principle of the hydraulic buffer is that when the gantry crane is in collision, the hydraulic buffer can make the various parts of the gantry crane pass through a process to play a buffer role.

rubber buffer.jpg

So how is the gantry buffer installed? Let me tell you about it.

First of all, you should use a jack to lift the body of the gantry and clean the spring with water. After the installation is completed, rotate the gantry shock absorber around a few times to check whether the spring is fully loaded into the spring groove; Whether or not the buffer is against the fender; Does the buffer overlap?

Then spray soapy water or lubricant on the slack spring. Insert the powerful bumper of soapy water or lubricating liquid into the slack spring void. After the installation of the gantry shock absorber, the vehicle body can be put down.

Finally, the distance between the shock absorber spring is a problem to be paid attention to. The distance between the damping springs is equal to the length of the shock absorber. If you squeeze harder with your hand, loosen the screws of the shock absorber, allowing the shock absorber spring to relax 2-3 cm.