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The rail clip has the characteristics of anti - use, oil resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

Oct 26, 2017

The rail clip is composed of base, head, tongue, bolt (8.8 s), nut (8 H) and fastening nut. Rail plate is a reliable fixed fittings, used for crane rail and the ground (or bearing beam), it arranged along the rail length, every 500 mm set, a set of secondary pay, symmetrically on the other side of the tracks, in crane operation state, it can have vertical and lateral impact force, and can withstand the additional lateral force arising from the crane skewed operation.

Adopts adjustable composite segments, can overcome the shortcomings of previous traditional segments in application of failure, leading to matsuzaka bolts, plate rotation, the surface wear and gnaw rail of the rail, serious when broken rail, it is affecting host wheel bearing and damage of driving mechanism. The rubber pressure on the tongue is made of rubber pressure, the tongue is durable, oil resistant, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the crane, the combination may cause the faulty fixed rail plate to eliminate the adverse factors caused by the welding rail.

Railway plates are often used in industrial railways. In fact, the safety and stability of the steel rail and the bearing surface are tight. A set is usually installed at half a meter. It can also withstand the extra lateral power displayed when the mechanical bias opens.

The position of the track plate can be used to debug the problems in the use of the rail plate, such as the pressure plate bolt and the rotation of the board, causing the outer rail damage and gnawing or even breaking the rail. Avoid damage to the engine's wheels and damage drive organization.

The composite track control type is adopted, which is characterized by resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.In order to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, we can eliminate the problems caused by the trajectory of the welded composite crawler board.