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The welding rail rail is mainly used in fixed steel beam track of the workshop

Nov 03, 2017

Rail clip: also known as welding rail clip, is to tighten the fixed guide rail, no matter what you call the role, weld rail fixed equipment, steel girder pressure rail, welded plate. It is usually welded to beams, sometimes for concrete steel plates.

3116 (1).jpg

All cast steel rail clips: 

(1) Cover and base, adjust the quality of the plate ZG270-500. Should comply with the requirements of 5676-85. Use lost wax precision casting. Level 2, the size deviation is accurate according to the JZ67-2ll level.

(2) Bolt, nut Q235BF steel work, mechanical property and chemical composition GB700 requirements, bolt surface accuracy 12.5, technical 6170-86 requirements.

(3) The flat washer is Q235AF steel, which shall comply with the provisions of national standard 97.1-85.

(4) The material of spring washer shall conform to the requirements of human or 60si2mn steel, GB93-87.

The dimensions of the above products are based on the atlas 04g325 or 05g525qu80 pressure gauge, a pressure gauge. The welding pressure rail is mainly used in the steel beam track of the fixed workshop. Welded rail rail, including: base, top cover, wear resistance display, elastic plain washer.