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various shaped fishplate

May 29, 2018

The compromise joint bar is also called the joint splint. The sections of the two halves are of different sizes and are used to connect the plates of two different types of rails.

Domestic development status

Recent study by the professional design institute of the ministry of railways lines design and suizhong county railway equipment accessories factory manufacture of rail cross-section of alien fish plate and its matching with the bridge plate, guard rail and railway bridge in the whole hollow type cast iron spindle head, is two promising research new products, is to promote the use of the whole railway network. The two products have been on September 16, 1990 in suizhong and jinzhou city science and technology commission jointly by the ministry of railways works bureau identification, gained compliments from the trial unit at the meeting and attend all members fully affirmed and high evaluation.

Shaped rail variable section fishtail plate

Alien rail variable cross-section fishplate (hereinafter referred to as the alien fish plate) and the matched with a plate of the configuration of the current our country railway parts of different rail joint on quite a few, mostly appear in the switch and positive and rail junction station line, also has a change in the main rail type. The common rail weight is 50/60kg or 43/50kg. In the future, the rail weight will be 60/75kg. Past each manufacturer production of profiled steel fishplate is cross section, such as its service life is short, the repeated impact compaction, the axle load of past more than two months is less two or three weeks break, bolt is also difficult to escape. Due to the limitation of technological conditions, the workpiece is rough and its service life is more difficult to be guaranteed. If it breaks, it will endanger the safety of driving.

Maintenance maintenance

Workers in the maintenance and maintenance department should monitor the condition of these joints and replace the damaged fishtail plate and bolts timely to ensure the safety of the vehicles. Have to spare a few deputy in the tapping to stay in the fish plate increases with the increasing broken in, such as cross section of alien fish plate use cycle short, change the number of frequency, involving energy, to increase the public works department did a lot of work.