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Welding equipment is an important technological equipment of modern industry

Dec 12, 2017

Welding equipment is important to the modern industrial technology, used in metal and alloy efficient connection, a direct impact on product quality, reliability, and life as well as production cost, efficiency and market competitiveness. It is an important processing technology of modern machine manufacturing, which is constructed with metal processing, such as metal cutting, pressure machining, casting and heat treatment.

By China's sustained economic growth and industrialization, urbanization and modernization process accelerated, known as the "industrial sewing machine" welding equipment widely used in petroleum chemical industry, electric power, aerospace, Marine engineering, nuclear engineering, microelectronics technology, Bridges, ships and submarines, and various kinds of metal structures and other industrial departments, according to incomplete statistics annual output of steel and non-ferrous alloy, all over the world are put into use by welding, created a huge business opportunities for welding equipment market.

May not exaggerate said, without the development of modern welding technology, there would be no modern industry and science and technology today, the development of welding technology level is to measure a country one of the advanced science and technology level of important symbol.

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