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Welding process operation of rail aluminum: preparation for welding site.

Apr 03, 2018

The process flow of aluminum hot welding in rail: the process is divided into 13 steps:

To the front of the welding on site preparation to at the scene of the welding preparation, preparation of rail - rail end grinding, cleaning - rail end for - vertical sand mould to preheat, fabrication, place the crucible to ignition, steel casting, demolition of sand mold, push the tumor to hot and cold polishing, welding head.In order to ensure the quality of aluminum thermal welding on site, it is necessary to operate strictly according to the process flow and control every step.

Welding process operation of rail aluminum: preparation for welding site

(1) Measure the rail temperature and master the track temperature during construction.

(2) Confirm the rail type and record it, check whether it is consistent with the flux type.

(3) Dig a deep 300mm hole in the right place outside the line, place the castings and other wastes after pouring, and pay attention to whether there are underground light cables.

(4) Each end of the steel rail shall remove the fastener on the 3~6 pieces of the track, and if it is part of the curve, more couplers should be removed according to the radius of the curve.

Preparation of rail aluminum thermal welding track:

(1) Check the straightness and surface of the track, and clean the rail end of the rail with a wire brush or a polisher to remove the oxide; Check whether the rail head is collapsed, if there is collapse, should be the saw rail first; Rail sawing, attention should be paid to guarantee the verticality of the rail section, vertical tolerance of 1 mm, not oblique, to ensure the casting ShiGang water filling of track meet, external oblique, saw rail shall ensure that both under the rail head spacing within 23 ~ 27 mm.

(2) Check the position of the rail end head, and its distance from the sleeper should be more than 10cm, otherwise the sleeper should be adjusted.