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What about the settlement of wharf track?

Sep 08, 2017

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With the development of industry, the wharf crane has more and more tonnage, and the working frequency is higher and higher, and the problem of the foundation settlement of the track also comes with it. The track foundation settlement must be adjusted in a timely manner, not only to protect the rail, but also to ensure that the equipment can run smoothly.

Because wharf crane rail fixed way still choice now appears in the early part of this century the height adjustable flexible fixation system, namely the whole rail set on continuous steel plate, adopting special clamp, add plastic plate at the bottom of the rail, the formation of vertical flexible fixation system.

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The traditional flexible fixed mode transformation process is as follows:


A. Dismantle the rail: because the rail should be used again, it should be noted that the rail should be removed without damage.

B. Demolition of steel plate and embedded bolt: remove the steel plate, together with the steel plate beneath the cement layer removed, for the original rail system is equipped with steel plate, as far as possible when demolition to ensure smooth for backup.

C. When the embedded bolts are used and the embedded bolts are not damaged, the steel gasket shall be removed unilaterally when removed.

D. Remove the corroded bolt nut.

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                                                   Repair Base

After demolition, the concrete surface of concrete rail beams will be exposed and cleaned, and the elevation will be reset according to the new track plan. If there is any damage to the concrete repair, the new system shall be installed on the concrete basis without damage, and whether the embedded bolt can be used according to the damage of the site.

Mounting Steel Plate

Before the steel gasket is installed, the lower pressure plate shall be welded onto the steel plate, which can be carried out in the workshop or on site; Then remove the loose sand and water from the orbital slot and remove it with compressed air. Install the steel plate according to the drawing. If the corrosion occurs at the bottom of the steel gasket, it should be removed first. Adjusting bolt to accurately control the elevation of steel gasket; Grease on each adjusting bolt to prevent mortar infiltration.The steel plate level is adjusted and the bolt nut is tightened.

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The perfusion should be made from one side to the other, and from one end to the other. When the mortar reaches its initial strength, the adjusting bolts should be loosened, and the holes left by the bolt loose from the adjusting bolt should be filled in. The different matching and perfusion methods of cement base cement and epoxy resin are described in detail.

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                                          Mounting Rubber Pad

The standard length of the rubber pad is 12 meters. The concave and convex surface of the rubber plate shall be upward, and a piece of thin steel shall be welded on the steel plate of the two end of the track to prevent the rubber pad from slipping out when used. The rubber pad must be placed at the bottom of the rail, and the bottom of the rail shall not be exposed.

Alignment and Positioning of Rail

After the steel rail is welded, the rail alignment shall be measured again and adjusted according to the measurement.In the adjustment of the rail, it is necessary to check the condition of the rubber pad at any time to ensure that the steel rail bottom is not exposed on the side. Once the full length track is completed, check the pressure plate position and the torque of the bolt.

Mounting Clamp

According to the requirement to install the pressure plate, the upper pressure plate side must be close to the steel rail, according to the specified tightening torque to tighten the nut.

Mounting Clamp.jpg

rail fastening system.jpg

rail fastening system.jpg

Embedded Panel Mounting

The embedded bolt or joint casing shall be adjusted for the height and horizontal direction of the embedded plate, and the embedded plate shall be in place and the position and elevation shall be in accordance with the requirements of the drawing.

When the embedded casing is used and the reserved hole is used, the preburied plate and the base can be put together, and then the mud is filled.

Filling and Curing.jpg

                                               Filling and Curing

According to the requirements of the drawings, it is necessary to ensure that the upper surface elevation of the embedded board meets the requirements of the drawing, and then the next installation should be done after the solidification and maintenance of the cement paste.

Install the Base and Other Parts

The whole part of the high adjustable system is one. After installing the embedded panel, the base shall be placed on the embedded board according to the drawing direction.

Alignment and Positioning of Rail

Place the rail on a rubber pad with adjustable base, then adjust it, and the rail side adjustment can be adjusted through the long hole of the base.

Mounting Plate

After the rail is adjusted, install the pressure plate and press the torque on the press bolt.

The shortcoming of traditional flexible rail fixed system lies in the rail foundation settlement after, must carry out the overall reform, the traditional construction technology complex, large quantities of a series of reforming technique factors to a certain extent, lengthen the time limit for a project, increase the cost of large, and directly affects the economic benefit of port operation. Height is adjustable and flexible rail fixed system in rail foundation settlement, convenient adjustment, in foundation settlement height within 150 mm only need to select the relative sedimentation height increase of plate can be adjusted, high tolerance < 0.5 mm, adjust the altitude at the same time does not affect the normal operation of the lifting equipment.

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