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What is Rail Clip Ⅰ

Apr 17, 2017

Rail clip can be divided into WJK, SWJK, HWJK series TG38, TG43, TG50, TG60, QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120 consists of base, cover, wear of shaw, spring flat washer.

Rail clip material:rail equipment quality has two kinds:half cast steel: cover for nodular cast iron, the base for cast steel;On the whole cast steel: top and bottom are cast steel.

This time we only introduce the whole cast steel pressure on the rail (1) for the top and bottom, adjusting material ZG270-500. Should comply with the provisions of the 5676-85. Using the lost wax casting. II slopes, conform to the dimension deviation JZ67-2 class II precision.

(2)Bolt, nut for Q235BF steel mechanical parts, mechanical properties and chemical composition GB700-88 of the act, the bolt surface precision of 12.5, nut comply with the regulations of GB6170-6170.

(3)Flat washer material for Q235AF steel, should comply with the regulations of GB97.1-85.

(4)Spring washer is made of 65 mn steel, or 60 si2mn should comply with the regulations of accord with GB93-87.

In accordance with the above product appearance size atlas 04 G325 or 5G525.