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A Kind Of Vibration Reduction Accessories For Rail Rubber Pad

Oct 18, 2017

The utility model relates to an improvement of elastic damping rubber cushion for railway concrete sleeper track. A special damping fitting for railway track structure.The technical scheme is to improve the bending or grid type of standard rubber pads. The groove type is to change the rectangular slot into a circular arc to reduce the spacing between the grooves. The mesh type is to reduce the groove spacing of the standard plate, strengthen the ribs between the grooves and strengthen the ribs in the grooves. By adjusting the groove groove size or the width and spacing of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement can adjust the structure of plate between the pressure and shear component ratio, increase the elasticity of the rubber pad, and improve the performance of resistance to fatigue damage. The results show that improving the elasticity of the rubber cushion and maintaining its stability is one of the important measures to ensure the uniformity, stability and safety of the rail structure.

The utility model relates to a kind of flexible and elastic to keep high elastic rubber pad, better than the standard rubber mat, improve the uniformity of the orbit, durability and safety, more effectively reduces the vibration response of road bed, reduce the workload of maintenance, to meet the requirements of the normal train speed and adapt to the development of the train speed.

This type of rubber pad, it is still based on the transfer of pressure and can transfer part of the shear force, according to the characteristics of the rubber material shear modulus, not only reduced the distance between the groove, increased the free deformation zone, increased flexibility, will also be part of the wheel/rail dynamics into the shear stress, the elastic modulus is less than three times as much as the young's modulus of elasticity, plate shear force is three times bigger than the pressure, this means that under the same power wheel/rail, plate elasticity is greatly increased. On the other hand, by introducing shear force component, the influence of residual deformation, wear and hardness on the elastic attenuation of sheet material is reduced, so that the elastic retention is better. The curve trough reduces stress concentration, is more resistant to fatigue than the rectangular slot, is not easy to break along the groove, and the transverse rib between the grooves has an enhanced effect on the pad, which can improve the service life.

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