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Adjustable Rail Clip Requires Reliable Connection

Jul 11, 2018

Rail clip is a crane rail or rail or other rail and ground accessories, reliable connection is required. In general, the rail clip is designed with inclined plane instead of plane. What is the reason? The main purpose is to prevent the vehicle from deviating from the track by centrifugal force when turning.

There are many kinds of rail clips. Such as special rail clips for vehicles and for large equipment such as cranes. Commonly used is the adjustable combination rail clip, a set of combination by the base, bolt nuts, pressure head pressure tongue and other main components. In the layout of the rail clip every 50 cm on average needs to install a set, and to be symmetrical layout. Rail clip in use there will be a plate rotation, and bolt looseness fault, and adjustable rail clips uses is wear-resisting corrosion resistance of the rubber material as the pressure, can ensure smooth running of the crane, and long using time, avoid the gnaw rail in the orbit due to wear and tear or broken rail phenomenon.

Install rail clips when must pay attention to all the parts are placed in accordance with the requirements, and adjust the position after the bolt, prevent rework, observe when tighten nut, when the amount of compression rubber pressure tongue reaches can be stopped when I was 2 mm.

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