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Anchor Bolt Grouting Material

May 29, 2018

Product features

1. High strength and early strength: the compressive strength of 1-3 days can reach over 30-50mpa.

2. High self-fluidity: it can fill all the gaps and meet the requirements of secondary grouting of the equipment. The site only needs to add water stir, directly into the equipment foundation, mortar self-flow, construction vibration free.

3. Slight expansion: ensure close contact between equipment and foundation, and no shrinkage after secondary grouting.

4. Strong durability: after thousands of fatigue tests, there was no significant change in the strength of 50 freeze-thaw cycles. After soaking in oil for 30 days, the strength increased obviously.

5. The winter construction, good weather resistance type: allow outdoor construction in - 10 ℃ temperature.

6. Low alkali corrosion: strictly control the alkali content of raw materials, applicable to projects with alkali inhibition requirements.

Product use

1. Suitable for grouting of machine base, ground Angle bolts and other equipment foundation, and secondary grouting of steel structure (rail, steel frame, steel column, etc.) and fixed connection of foundation.

2. It can be embedded in the method of reverse engineering of subway, tunnel and underground.

3. Strengthen, repair and reinforce the beams, lifts, columns, foundations, floors and roads of the building.

4. Anchor bolts and reinforcement bars and structural reinforcement can be carried out.

The construction technology

1. Basic processing

The basic surface of the cleaning equipment shall not contain debris such as gravel, floating slurry, dust, grease and mould remover. 24h before grouting, the surface of the equipment foundation should be fully moist.Water should be sucked dry 1h before grouting.

2. Determine the grouting method

According to the actual situation of equipment frame, choose corresponding grouting method, can use "' self-respect method of grouting, high funnel method or the method of pressure grouting grouting grouting, to ensure that the slurry can be fully filled every corner.

3. Form erecting

According to determine the way of grouting and grouting construction drawing for the template, the template locating elevation above the device should be at least 50 mm, base surface template must be set tight, stable, in case of loose, slurry leakage.

4. Mixing of grouting materials

According to the grouting material from 11.5% to 13% of the weight of water added water mixing, the water temperature with 5 to 40 ℃ advisable. The mechanical stirring time is generally 1-2 minutes. When manual stirring is adopted, 2/3 of the water consumption should be added first to stir for 2 minutes, and then the remaining water consumption should be added to continue to stir until smooth.

5. Grouting

(1) Pulp from general side, until the other side of the overflow, facilitate discharge equipment base and the air between the concrete foundation, makes a full grouting, grouting will be made from the four side and at the same time.

(2) It is not suitable to vibrate in the grouting process. If necessary, bamboo strips can be used to pull and guide the flow.

(3) Vibration and collision of grouting layer should be avoided in grouting construction until the molds are removed, so as to avoid damage to unconsolidated grouting layer.

6. Maintenance

(1) Within 30 minutes after the completion of grouting, immediately spray the curing agent or cover the plastic film and cover the rock cotton quilt for curing, or immediately after the final coagulation of the grouting layer, spray water to maintain moisture.

(2) During the winter construction, the maintenance measures shall also comply with the relevant provisions of the current construction acceptance standard for reinforced concrete projects (GB50204).

Technical indicators

CGM high strength non - shrinkage grouting material model strength comparison table

CGM-1 (general purpose) : day strength: 25-50mpa, day strength: 45-55mpa, day strength: 60-70mpa.

CGM-2 (beanstone type) : one day strength: 25-50mpa, three days strength: 40-55 Mpa,28 days strength: 60-70mpa.

CGM-3 (superfine) : day strength: 15-30mpa, day strength: 27-45mpa, day strength: 55-65mpa.

CGM-4 (early high strength type) : one day strength: 40-55mpa, three days strength > 45Mpa,28 days strength: 55-65mpa.

Grouting selection

CGM-1 general reinforcement type: 30mm thickness of grouting layer, secondary grouting of equipment foundation, anchor of anchor bolt, planting of embedded steel bar, reinforcing of building beam, plate, column, foundation and floor.

CGM-2 beanstone reinforcement: the thickness of grouting layer is greater than 150mm (including 5-10mm large aggregate), and the grouting length L < 1000mm equipment foundation is secondary grouting. Reinforcement and reinforcement of beams, plates, columns, foundations and floors of buildings (the thickness of repair is greater than 60mm).

The thickness of CGM-3 superfine reinforced grouting layer is 5mm.Reinforced concrete beam and column between Angle steel and concrete gap grouting.

The thickness of CGM-3 superfluid-enhanced grouting layer is called secondary grouting for the equipment foundation and steel structure column footwall. Reinforced concrete beam and column between Angle steel and concrete gap grouting.

CGM-4 super early strength reinforcement has a 2-hour strength of 15Mpa, which is suitable for quick repair of railway sleeper rail, cement concrete road surface, airport runway, etc., and quick repair of water stoppage and leakage.

Dosage of reference

The reference dosage is calculated based on 2.28-2.4 tons/m3, and the actual usage amount is calculated.

Packaging storage and transportation

1. The grouting material is 50kg bagged and stored in a ventilated and dry place to prevent direct sunlight

2. The warranty period is 3 months. If the warranty period exceeds the warranty period, the product shall be re-inspected and qualified before it can be used.

3. In case of accidental ingestion or splashing into eyes, please seek medical advice immediately.