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Crane Components Of The Inventory, The Elastic Line

Mar 06, 2017

(1) the number of parts, model, and in accordance with the design and specification requirements for a comprehensive inspection of the quality of components, including component strength and integrity (with or without serious cracks, scoliosis, distortion, damage and other serious defects); shape and geometry Size, flatness, flatness, burying parts, reserved larvae L position, size and quantity; joint steel rings, the stability of the embedded parts and the components of the axis is accurate, whether the factory certificate. If there is a deviation from the design or specification, it should be corrected before lifting.

(2) in the component according to the need to correct the need to play a good axis. The center of the base cup should be out of the vertical and horizontal axis; crane beams, roof trusses and other components should be in the center of the column; The roof and the top and the support at the center line and the elevation line; in the roof (roof beam) on the pop-up frame, roof or purlins installed in place control lines, both ends and the top pop-up installation center line.