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Crane Electrical Requirements

Mar 06, 2017

1. To the main control system in the crane to set the main isolation switch, so that the equipment in the maintenance of the time, you can make the maintenance staff is very intuitive to know that the power circuit is disconnected, you can work with confidence.

2. In the equipment of the total power supply short circuit protection and loss of protection, to avoid the electrical equipment on the crane in the event of a short circuit is an accident, but also can be interrupted after the power supply can automatically disconnect the total power supply circuit; restore power supply, Connected to the main power supply to achieve the loss of protection.

3. Crane in the motor zero protection, overload protection, etc., in order to prevent the controller handle is not zero, the crane power supply power failure after the resumption of power supply, causing the motor to start the wrong.

4. Emergency power switch, channel safety interlock protection, limit protection and other electrical protection measures should also be used in the crane, are in order to be in case of sudden, equipment and personnel can play a protective role.