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Crane Lifting Operation To Prevent Electric Shock

Mar 06, 2017

1. Safe distance: crane work, boom, spreader, wire rope and heavy objects and the transmission line with the minimum distance should not be less than the required requirements (check the relevant construction electricity specifications). [Less than 1KV voltage, the minimum distance of 1.5m; 1 ~ 35KV voltage, the minimum distance of 3m; greater than 60KV voltage, the minimum distance by [0.01 (V-50) +3] m calculation.

2. What should I do when the crane is running? In the process of lifting operations, in case of wire break or boom to touch the high voltage line, when the machine is still in the equipotential (ie no voltage difference) state, the crane will not cause damage through the human body, the driver should first eliminate If the driver can disengage the boom from the power supply (including out of the danger zone), then the danger can be eliminated; if the power supply is difficult to cut off, the vehicle can not be exposed to the vehicle; Can not leave the power supply, the driver should not be easily under the ground should calmly shut all the joystick, and then feet together from the car jumped off (pay attention to jump off the car, the driver can not contact the body body), jump to continue after the two Feet or feet out of the danger zone (never step), this process because the body is always at the equipotential point, so to avoid the body electric shock occurred. Generally jump out at least 20m away.