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Features Of The Hydraulic Buffer

Dec 04, 2017

In the numerous buffer devices, the hydraulic buffer is one of the more widely used.Many of the buffers have some disadvantages, and each buffer has a certain amount of damage to the cushioning effect.

hydraulic buffer.jpg

The buffer will be reduced to disappear because of the buffer device.The same is true of the hydraulic buffer, which is characterized by the gradual removal of the force applied to the object during the buffer process.The hydraulic buffer provides an almost constant resistance to the whole process, using this force to reduce the force.The kinetic energy in the work piece is converted to heat energy.

In the design of the hydraulic buffer, many pores are designed to facilitate the release of thermal energy, which is an important feature of the smooth use of the hydraulic buffer.Hydraulic shock absorber has a very unique design features, can consume the entire forces slowly, this avoids other buffer setup cannot completely remove power, resulting in harm to the buffer.The characteristics of the hydraulic buffer is used very slow to get rid of the original force, the force is safe and efficient than other buffer Settings, so the hydraulic buffer is slowly become major buffer Settings.