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High-speed Rail Has Been Widely Used To Modify Nylon

Jan 17, 2018

Modified nylon also called modified PA, is added in the nylon PA material corresponding modification reagent to achieve the purpose of classification according to the type of PA, we divided into PA6 and PA66, other brands such as PA1010, PA46 price on the high side, temporarily applied less in the domestic market.

In domestic and abroad application of PA is different, foreign tend to raw material are compared, which at the time of production is considered good use purposes, then according to this formula, mass production, when faced with other aspect use develop other models when mass production again, they don't need to the benefits of this approach lies in the process of complex modification, but choose corresponding brand of raw materials, convenient and quick but the price is relatively high; The domestic is greatly different, often is to produce a large number of domestic universal PA, belongs to a casing type, very few kinds, no matter in which large-scale manufacturers purchase, types and properties were also similar. If directly choose domestic PA6 raw materials production, yield is low, because of all sorts of performance are more balanced, no particular window, is used as a casing, so often we need to further processing, modified nylon factory by adding strengthening agent, toughening agent, flame retardant, etc to increase the corresponding performance, and then the user according to the requirements of the products for selection.

With the development of science and technology, the modified nylon with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and easy molding is more and more widely used in modern transportation industry. High-speed rail is our most proud project in recent years and has been sold abroad. Successfully signed as early as 2014, the allied high speed railway, the national research and development of the overall acceleration on high speed railway, design a new type of railway rail, adopted concrete bifurcation pillow, bifurcation pillow configured in the plastic insulation casing, casing with the characteristics of high strength, insulation, high toughness, choice of modified nylon is more appropriate, support the domestic industry and economy, what is there against it.

Railway engineering with a focus on the railway track, and form the main connection is wooden sleeper, tie plate, rail, this kind of connection form of the orbit has good elasticity and shock absorption sex is stronger, but is to be connected to rail pressure is small, locking ability is poor, and wood blocking easy corrosion, short service life.In recent years, a large number of reinforced concrete sleeper is used, which improves the strength and stability of the track structure, and also provides the conditions for the development of seamless circuit technology.There is an insulating cushion between the concrete sleeper and the steel rail, which is usually made of natural rubber gasket and insulation cushion rubber gasket or plastic insulation cushion.With gauge baffle damper has high strength, able to buffer rail lateral force, to protect the sleeper support rail tank gear shoulder, have higher friction coefficient, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, especially with the gauge apron, can maintain and adjust the gauge. At present, the larger products in the road project are the gauge baffle seat, the rail support seat, the gauge block, and the high-speed railway bifurcation sleeve, all of which are made of modified nylon materials.