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High Speed Railway Anti-settlement Flexible Rail System

Oct 26, 2017

Before the construction of the high speed railway, the anti-settlement flexible rail system must be established.

The control points of the CPIII rail network are usually integrated with integrated components.

To bury the whole thing, the first hole in burial location, diameter and depth than part of a larger whole, then use the appropriate amount to put glue in the hole, and then into the whole, through planting bar plastic extruding, adjust an integral part of the hole, try to keep the vertical. However, in the overall structure of the actual, because of the heavy and built-in, before glue solidified, an integral part of the hole will slowly sinking, the size of the settlement depends on the depth of the hole, if the aperture is too deep, integral parts easy to dive in the implant, the failure, buried if appropriate aperture depth, precipitation amount is small, but it can't adjust the vertical level of lead, also because of its own gravity slowly inclined t hat influence the normal use of the integrated components in the future.

The above two conditions of the anti-settlement flexible rail system are buried faults and must be drilled again.Through experiment and research, the applicant has discovered the current mode of funeral, which not only reduces the success rate of funerals, but also wastes time and expenses.

Subsidence prevention against settlement of flexible track system tools of the tilt up control network of high-speed rail, it is by reinforcing steel bar, the support and bracket, bracket welded together support bracket is triangle, support the support bar is welded to the corner of the bearing, a Angle of the triangle, on the base of the triangle bracket, support tilt and tilt Angle. Inclination Angle of 60 ° plus or minus 1 °. A triangle is an equilateral triangle.Bracket shape is T shape. Simple structure, simple process and easy to use.