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How Does China Steel Sail In Quality Times

Oct 12, 2017

The theme of this year's "quality month" is "to improve quality and build a strong country".In the past September, the major steel companies took the "quality month" as an opportunity to carry out their own quality improvement activities.Among them, the treasure, baosteel to "promote quality management reform and innovation, corporation core competitiveness" as the theme, to strengthen the cost change, leading technology, service first, wisdom, manufacturing and construction steel mills "five abilities" city, focus on client's quality is stable;Anshan group, through its "seven inspection and one visit" activities, emphasizes improving and improving the quality of work, quality of products and quality of service from the source, providing quality supply;With the aim of providing the user with the ultimate products and services, he tracks the key products, visits the key users, promotes the implementation of the quality system construction, and implements the independent management of the working group...Steel companies have shifted from focusing on low-cost competition to emphasizing quality competition.

This year's government work report proposes to comprehensively improve the quality level, create more world-renowned "Chinese brands", and promote China's economic development into the quality era.Nowadays, the traditional advantage of the economic development in our country, the real economy structural imbalance between supply and demand contradictions and problems, especially in high-end products and services effective supply is insufficient, to the greatest strength comprehensively improve the quality, is an urgent need to promote the economic development of our country into the era of quality.Under the condition of the iron and steel enterprise efficiency improvement, iron and steel enterprises should firmly grasp the development opportunity, establish the concept of "attaches great importance to the quality, create quality", and cultivate good atmosphere of respect the technology, the pursuit of quality, to develop quality improvement action, for China's iron and steel into the era of quality.

This period, the deep invited the association of Chinese iron and steel industry development and environmental jiangshang qing, deputy director of the development of science and technology and the ministry of science and technology products ChangSunMei everywhere, to share with readers of the steel industry quality brand construction achievements, and on how to carry out quality improvement action, booster steel industry into the era of quality advice is given.

The event

On September 5, the central committee of the communist party of China under the state council issued "the implementation of quality improvement action guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), is proposed to enhance the level of supply of raw materials and speed up the iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminium, flat glass, such as coke transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and promote the rare earth, graphite and other high quality of characteristic resources utilization, promoting key strategic materials such as high strength light alloy, high performance fiber performance and quality improvement, gradually into the global high-end manufacturing purchasing system. 

"Opinions" put forward the goal of quality improvement action: by 2020, supply quality markedly improved, more efficient supply system, the construction quality of power produced significant results, and China's overall quality level significantly increased, the quality to improve the total factor productivity and contribution to promote the development of economy to further strengthen, to better meet people's growing consumer demand. 

"The opinion" demands that the standardization and quality improvement of equipment manufacturing be speeded up to improve the core competitiveness of key areas.To implement the industrial strength engineering, to improve the performance of core basic components (components), key basic material products, to promote the application of advanced manufacturing technology, and to strengthen the research and application of metrology testing technology.Development of intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, promote clean and efficient production process, to speed up the promotion of domestic large aircraft, high-speed rail, nuclear power, engineering machinery, special equipment, such as the quality of the equipment in China.We will encourage the comprehensive exploration, evaluation, development and utilization of mineral resources to promote the construction of green mining and green mining development demonstration zones.We will accelerate the innovation of high-end materials, improve the quality stability, and form the supply of advanced basic materials with high performance, functionalization and differentiation.

The depth 

Looking back at China's steel quality brand building achievements

With the progress and management level of steel industry in recent years, the steel industry has achieved better results in brand and quality enhancement, and the quality of steel products has improved significantly.Iron and steel enterprise actively carry out the brand cultivation, quality standard, quality that by creating high quality products and brand, efforts to expand the market, continuously improve enterprise brand visibility and reputation.At present, the quality of steel products in China can meet the needs of machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, household appliances, chemical industry and electric power industry, which strongly supports the development of national economy and the downstream industry. 

Last month's "opinion", stressed that to reform and improve the quality of development policy and system, strengthen the construction of quality system, increase financial support, improve the quality of talent education training system, improve the quality of incentive system, strengthen the organization and leadership.Previously, countries have introduced a "about play a role of leading brand to promote the opinions of the supply and demand structure upgrade" quality brand "to promote the equipment manufacturing industry of special operation guide and so on many policy document about quality brand, brand development for the iron and steel industry to build a good quality environment. 

In recent years, the achievements of the steel industry in the quality of varieties and brand building have been mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, the product quality is gradually improved and the variety structure is constantly optimized.The high strength high performance steel production and application proportion is improved, the steel variety structure has been improved to meet the development requirements of technical progress and industrial upgrading of the downstream steel industry.At present, the focus of large and medium-sized steel enterprises 400 million mpa (Ⅲ) and more than 95% above the high strength steel production, beyond the more than 80% "twelfth five-year" planning objectives;The production of high-strength ships has risen sharply, accounting for about half of the ship's output.The electric steel sheet, cold rolled plate, galvanized sheet and other products gradually replace the import, the domestic market share keeps improving.Among them, the domestic market share of electrician steel was 85 in 2010.The 1% increase in 2016 is 95%, and the domestic market share of cold rolled thin strip steel is from 88 in 2010.5% increase to 96% in 2016, and the domestic market share of electroplating zinc plate is from 42 in 2010.The 6% increase in 2016 is 94%.

To meet the challenge of steel quality brand construction has a long way to go

Iron and steel industry in China still exist some species dependent on imports, low level and backward products still account for a certain proportion, standard lag, serious product homogeneity competition, steel key technology to break through the problem such as new materials.At the same time, the downstream industry is developing towards the high-end, and the performance and quality stability of steel products are higher.Faced with the continuous improvement of quality requirements and the challenge of substitute materials, the quality and brand construction task of the steel industry is still arduous. 

According to the opinion, improving supply quality is the main direction of supply-side structural reform, and improving the quality of products and services is the central task of improving the supply system.From the implementation of quality research project, to speed up the standard gear upgrades, stimulate creativity and promote the comprehensive quality management and quality, strengthen the supervision of comprehensive quality, strive to build China brand, promote the quality of the whole people co-govermnet, etc., "opinion" to break the quality bottlenecks up Suggestions are given.On the supply side, under the background of structural reform, iron and steel enterprises to "optimize the structure, mass transfer efficiency" as the focus, with innovation drive to lead, to increase varieties, quality, creates the brand as the main direction, strengthen technological innovation, actively develop varieties, expand the market, strengthen the construction of quality brand, improve quality guarantee ability, promote the development of iron and steel product quality upgrading. 

The key direction of strengthening quality brand building in the steel industry is suggested as follows:

First, promote service manufacturing to meet the high-end demand of manufacturing industry.We will comprehensively establish customer-centric product concept and service awareness, and promote the transformation of steel enterprises from manufacturers to service providers.Strengthen the high technology of ship and ocean engineering equipment, advanced orbit transportation, electric power, aerospace, mechanical and other fields required high-end steel varieties of major technical equipment research and development and industrialization, strive for breakthrough year 3 ~ 4 key varieties of research and development, continue to increase effective supply. 

The second is to strengthen the quality consciousness and improve the quality level.Establish stability as the core of quality awareness, support enterprises to adopt clean steel production, precision rolling, product quality improvement technology, quality management construct and use of equipment, information, intelligent instruments and reduce the influence of artificial factors on the quality control, and improve steel product quality stability, reliability, durability and performance consistency. 

Third, focus on research and development and application of high - efficiency low-cost production technology to enhance product competitiveness.Multi-level demand for market, the development use efficiency, low cost production technology, improve the level of process technology and equipment, the implementation of raw materials, process, equipment, spare parts and whole process quality assurance measures such as logistics, environmental protection, strive to ensure or improve the quality of steel products and physical performance under the premise of effectively reduce the production cost, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of steel products.

Focus on research and development of key technologies include: efficient green electric furnace smelting technology, technology, efficient, low-cost smelting clean steel slab direct rolling technology, ultra fast cooling technology, energy conservation and efficient rolling and subsequent processing technology, etc. 

Fourth, strengthen brand construction, promote quality grading and evaluation work.Steel enterprises should establish a quality - centered brand system.Support the steel enterprises to formulate the brand management system, and build on the whole process of r&d innovation, production and manufacturing, quality management and marketing services, enhance the inner quality and strengthen the foundation of brand development;To carry out quality benchmarking activities, to promote the quality classification and evaluation, to metallurgical product quality as the platform, such as the activities of the announced to the public each year has reached the international quality level of high quality products and excellent quality products, increase the intensity of brand cultivation, forming a batch of large international influence enterprise brand and product brand. 

Fifth, develop new steel materials to support China's manufacturing strategy development.The development of new steel materials is focused on high performance steel materials.Develop new steel materials is not only the key to support "made in China 2025", is the main connotation of iron and steel industry transformation and upgrading, is to promote China's "one generation equipment, engineering, generation of material" to "one generation materials, equipment, and a generation of engineering" shift the main measures. 

Iron and steel enterprises should insist on demand traction and strategic guidance, promote the material first, by combining production, to meet the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, strategic emerging industry development and the major technical equipment demand as the main direction, strive to build the enterprise as the main body, supported by universities and research institutions, military and civilian depth fusion, with coordination of steel new material industrial system, strive to break through a number of key species, improve the comprehensive support capability of key strategic materials, improving the iron and steel industry international competitiveness. 

The existing steel materials are mainly focused on key varieties such as high quality special steel, basic parts and steel, high performance sea working steel, high temperature alloy and high-end equipment with special alloy.Iron and steel enterprises to promote the intelligent and green transformation of the production process, the key breakthrough steel properties and the composition control, production processing and application of technology, constantly optimize the structure of varieties, improve the stability of quality, prolong service life, meet the demand of key areas and major projects, support the downstream industry transformation and upgrading and development of strategic emerging industry.In the field of frontier materials and functional new materials, basic research and innovation should be attached importance to the layout of a batch of cutting-edge materials and functional new materials. 

Sixth, to meet the challenge of alternative materials and promote the upgrading of the quality of steel products.Compared with aluminum magnesium alloy, carbon fiber and other materials, steel materials can meet users' requirements in terms of performance.However, with the rapid development of alternative materials technology and the development of the downstream industry in the direction of high-end, green and refined, the pressure and challenges faced by steel materials in performance and quality will be increasingly serious.Competitive advantage in order to maintain the iron and steel products, steel products should be toward the environmental friendly and resource-saving varieties specifications, excellent performance, low cost, and convenient for users to use direction.


How does steel respond to the challenge of alternative materials? 

The application scope of iron and steel is very broad, it is still renewable resources, and relative to other materials has a great advantage.However, with the development of new material technology, traditional steel materials are facing the serious challenge of replacing materials.From the application point of view, part of substitute for iron and steel materials are aluminum alloy, plastic and carbon fiber, etc., these materials with low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation performance is good wait for an advantage. 

In the automotive field, for example, people are constantly pursuing more portable and environmentally friendly automotive materials, and new materials such as aluminum, magnesium and plastic gradually become the new favorite of automobile manufacturing industry.In addition to its own characteristics, these new materials have the tendency of car enthusiasts to look forward to, and the application of these alternative materials in the automotive field shows a rapid growth. 

So how should the steel industry respond to the challenge of alternative materials?The author gives the following Suggestions:

Rich steel variety specification, development easy to process low cost high performance steel.

Most steel needs to be processed in a variety of ways, and processing costs may account for more than 50% of the cost of parts or components.Based on the above consideration, the iron and steel industry can be viewed from two aspects: first, the diversification of the varieties of steel material specifications, the second is to develop easy to steel processing, to achieve the purpose of reducing the product cost. 

Steel varieties specifications material concrete is to point to in order to adapt to the user on the material size, shape, diversified and personalized requirements, in addition to gm's board, tube, wire, tape, rod, wire, type, forging, casting material thereof, and the development of special special-shaped material, heat treatment and surface treatment of steel in advance, nearly end shape metal materials (such as bearing ring, rolling body, standard module, etc.) and composite materials. 

To development of easy processing steel concrete including the development of all kinds of new type of high-performance free cutting steel, easy to welding steel, hot and cold forging steel, super deep drawing sheet steel, coated steel, high performance die steel, superhard high speed steel, etc. 

Develop higher performance steel materials. 

Automotive lightweighting is the main development direction of world automobile, steel materials in addition to face the challenge of aluminum alloy material, is also facing a new environment friendly type of lightweight, high strength carbon fiber and plastic composite material.And compared with other light metals and composite materials, the identity of excellent performance, and can make use of the existing automobile production equipment, less investment, can yet be regarded as a kind of ideal lightweight materials.Steel enterprises need to strengthen the development of high-strength steel, solve the contradiction between light quantification and safety and cost, and keep steel materials in the dominant position in the automobile market. 

The research and development of composite materials is emphasized. 

Under different environmental conditions, the performance of the proposed new customers for steel products, personalized requirements, studies the iron and steel materials with different types of steel, light metal alloys, such as plastic or ceramic composite materials, in order to get at the same time with the advantages of different material performance and avoid its disadvantages performance of composite material, should be the iron and steel enterprise's extensive attention.