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How Much Do You Know About The Rail Transit System In Five Major Cities

Jul 10, 2017


The largest feature of the Tokyo transport system is the four-way urban rail network.It is the first city in Asia to build the subway. The main layout of the subway is in the central area, and the total length of the line is about 300km.The number of people travelling by subway accounts for about a fifth of the total number of trips on the city's urban rail network.There are also a large number of suburban and urban rail lines in the Tokyo metropolitan area.These railways can deliver a train at a peak of 2-3 minutes, with a one-way passenger capacity of between five and 100,000 people and more than 30 of them.Tokyo's rail transit is strictly based on timetables developed in seconds.In the Tokyo metropolitan area, even at places 50 kilometers away, you can reach your destination at the time of your scheduled arrival, using rail vehicles.


London's urban rail transit is a multi-level multi-type traffic mode, the main rail transit system is divided into subway, light rail and rapid elevated rail three types, and can be subdivided into seven kinds of different levels and types, so as to form a integrated system of rail transit.London's urban rail transit has 12 lines, plus a total of 15 of the three lines that opened on Sunday.Instead of getting out of the station, you can transfer to another line within the station and reach almost every area of London.Almost all important bus station and subway station built inside a station, a third of the subway station and the car parking lot together, many subway station set up in an affluent big stores or offices, at the bottom of the form the transfer system is very convenient.The metro is the main form of rail transit in central London.It is the first city in the world to build a subway system and has a better subway system.


Urban rail transit in Paris is responsible for almost 70 percent of the passenger traffic, the subway, the city railway, the tram, and the suburban railway in Paris, which forms the main means of transportation for the entire 9 million parisians.From the opening of line 1 in 1900 to the official operation of the no. 14 subway system in 1998, the subway network has been expanding underground for a century now, and the subway network is now in full reach.On the streets of Paris, it will be possible to find a subway station without 300m walking.The Paris metro has brought more than quick and convenient, but also an artistic enjoyment.Each station on the characteristics of interior decoration, 1900 French architect design of landmark building, station in Paris subway entrance to busk musician, none does not constitute a hurried crowds and the beautiful scenery.It has been more than 160 years since the construction of the first regional railway line.The main function of regional railway line is to connect the center of Paris with its outskirts, so the regional line is the most primitive skeleton of urban rail transit, and is the main axis of urban comprehensive transportation.With the constant updating of the technology, the regional rail transit line has become the traffic artery between Paris city and intercity.


On October 27, 1904, the first permanent subway in New York was born.The New York City subway system is very accessible.Subway traffic accounts for 70 percent of all public transportation systems in New York City.The New York subway system runs 24 hours, and the rush hour is crowded. It is the most efficient subway system in the world.


Moscow has a citywide intercity subway network, consisting of loop lines and radiation, running 20h a day, with high efficiency.The Moscow metro has been recognized as the most beautiful subway in the world.Each station is designed by famous domestic architects, each with its own unique style and different architectural patterns, with colorful marble, granite, ceramic and colorful glass Mosaic.In addition to various reliefs, carvings and murals, the lighting fixtures are very chic, as if the palace is a magnificent palace, which enjoys the reputation of "underground art palace".The gorgeous, elegant Moscow metro has always been the pride of russians.