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Lifting Machinery Industry Calls For Improved Technical Competitiveness

Mar 06, 2017

The first is to recommend the relevant government departments to strengthen the lifting of transport (material handling) machinery industry policy guidance and management. Through industrial associations to develop industrial policies to raise the threshold of lifting transport machinery production, the establishment of manufacturing access system, strict control of production licenses, special equipment manufacturing license issuance, reduce the number of host manufacturing enterprises, improve production concentration, reduce disorder competition. Strengthen the quality of product supervision and inspection, and promote the improvement of product quality.

The second is to establish the scale of production of production. The state will focus on cultivating the production system of 3 to 4 lifting and transportation (material handling) machinery group and key accessories, intensifying the technological transformation, improving the equipment level, ensuring the product quality, improving the production efficiency, reducing the manufacturing cost and improving the market competition force. These groups will become China's production of heavy transport (material handling) machinery main force. To cultivate a number of medium-sized enterprises with considerable manufacturing capacity, through the competition out of a large number of low-level production of small-scale enterprises.