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Rail Insulation Knowledge

Jan 03, 2018

Rail insulation track circuit is an important part of track circuit is an important part of the station centralized interlocking, track circuit is not only reflected in the modernization of the railway transport train takes up and clearing, it has become a railway traffic control and automation essential infrastructure of the marshalling station. It is more and more important to improve the efficiency of railway transportation and ensure the safety of driving.

The use of adhesive insulation is a measure to reduce the occurrence of idle red belt in the rail circuit and the weak link of the equipment itself, which is to improve its reliability.

Rail is cementing insulation adhesive for apply insulation plate with a crack in the rail, fishplate to make it stronger cohesion, and bolt reinforcement rail connections between form a solid insulators, in order to achieve to be insulated section of track circuit isolation effect.

rail insulators.png

Q: What is the invasion insulation?

It is also referred to as the over-limit insulation, which refers to the insulation of the steel rail that is located in the outer side of the target, or within 3.5 meters of the warning mark.

Q: How to deal with the interlocking of the interlock?

Depending on the actual shape of the station, the interlocking inspection of the orbital section of the intruding boundary will be included. There are two general conditions:

In the first case, the section idle is checked unconditionally. As shown in the following figure, 4DG is required to check for 4DG when entering the road between a-b.


In the second case, there are conditions to check the section idle. As shown in the figure below, arrange the passage between a-d, and check 9DG free in the position of 9/11 switches. However, when you are in the opposite position, you can not check the 9DG free, because the a-d approach is parallel to b-c. In the same way, when the b-c approach is arranged, check 7DG for idle at the location of 5/7.However, 7DG is not allowed to be checked at the time of the switch.


Q: Can you avoid the intrusion?

The setting point of the rail insulation is determined according to the division of the track circuit, and the position of the orbital insulation is also basically determined after the shape of the station is determined. Because of the need to set up the location of the track insulation, the station shape cannot meet the distance between the insulation and the alarm, so it is very difficult to avoid the cut insulation.

Q: Is the transwire insulation a limit insulation?

First of all, the crossing insulation refers to the insulation of the double moving bifurcation, as shown in the figure above, only between 5 and 7, 9 and 11.Personally think: this kind of insulation is a special line of contamination limit insulation, it conforms to the contamination limit insulation concept, but don't need on the interlock for processing, because crossing the line switch position, two approach to parallel approach, rail trans connected is a route.