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Rail Insulation Joint

May 16, 2018

The steel rail insulation joint refers to the rail joint of the circuit breaker. The insulation material is used to make the clamping plate, steel rail, bolt and two connecting rail ends of ordinary steel joint, which are also made of insulating materials made of insulating materials.

The joint har (fish-plate) is also called fishtail plate. Connection plate of rail joint. According to the structural features of the joint, it can be divided into ordinary splint and special-shaped joint splint. The material is divided into carbon steel plywood and insulation splint.It is divided into plate type, Angle steel type and double head type.

Our country adopts double - head plywood, plate top and bottom of plate to make slope shape, respectively and the bottom of rail rail and the slope of the bottom of rail. The splint is fastened by the rail joint bolt, and the rail head and the bottom of the rail are used to bear the load of the wheel.

The joint bolt, or fish-bolt, is also called the fishtail bolt. Fasteners for rail joint splints. The material is divided into common joint bolts and high strength joint bolts. The square head of a half-round ball is made of ordinary bolts. The upper part of the high strength bolt at the top of the square head is added with two rings of convex edges to distinguish it from the ordinary bolt. 10.9 the top of the high strength bolt is made of a flat cone. The bolt length is 150-170mm. The square head is made of the elliptical convex neck, and the joint of the rail joint is assembled into the long hole of the joint, which can prevent the bolt idling during the tightening of the nut.Used with high strength bolt of high-strength nut in the top 30 ° chamfer surface with high convex circle symbol of 1 mm wide.