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Rail Parts And Fasteners Industry Towards The High-end Products

Apr 05, 2017

With the rapid development of China's industrial products, fastener industry has been an indispensable part in the development of manufacturing industry; strong foundation, fasteners manufacturing industry as an indispensable chain, although small fastener knowledge of the participants, but has a crucial impact on the development of the industry in China is made. Country fastener industry, but most of the low strength, low grade of products, including the following 8.8 standard parts accounted for about 45%-50%, in the high prices of raw materials in the environment, low standard of excess capacity to become a stumbling block to the development of the fastener industry. Therefore, the fastener industry to remove the "low-end" tab, look at the high-end. 

It is reported that the world existing fastener standards about more than 2000, of which the fastening parts of our standard is 400. A number of technical standards are divided into basic technical conditions, structural elements, mechanical properties, products, technology, testing, test methods and so on, which has become the science and technology to link production transformation, is the realization of the product of socialization, an important basis for intensive, and for commercial acceptance of the arbitration review the development process of the past of the fastener industry, the inevitable product is not difficult to find that whenever the market emerge popular when the saturated. Although China's fastener production accounted for 1/4 of global output, but excess capacity, a large number of inventory backlog caused the enterprise operation money is tight, companies want to cost into profits is another way, increase the investment in technology, have good technical skills to develop a broad market resources. 

Therefore, to remove the "low-end hardware fastener" label. In the premise of the transformation and upgrading, the vast majority Chinese fastener enterprises have to face such a situation: rising raw material prices, RMB appreciation, rising labor costs, raw material costs led enterprises shall not raise prices, but price increases is to promote technology and brand strength, this is a continuous process for the small fastener enterprises, technology upgrading is a bottleneck, they need to be difficult to survive. 

Industry experts said that the size of the domestic fastener enterprises should look to the future, "high" "aerospace" highway "and" airport "and other national key construction projects are tight enterprises provides an opportunity to high-end, Boeing 20 future plans to add 3400 aircraft, the national development and Reform Commission 800 billion yuan investment in the construction of 6 city the rail traffic, according to the 36 plan for the construction of city rail transit project in city planning, to 2020, the new city rail traffic mileage will reach 6560 kilometers, rail fastener demand amounted to 55-70 billion yuan. These large projects will greatly increase the strength provided fasteners, titanium alloy fasteners and other high-end demand, remove the" low-end "the label is not impossible.