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Rail Transit Into The New Golden Period Of Industrial Ecology Will Become An Accelerator

Sep 30, 2017

The rapid development of the rail transit business can be said to be a "miniature" of Chinese speed. In the industry experienced a high-speed development of 10 years, the future will continue to speed up? September 28 morning, "innovation in China industrial circle of Chengdu practice" 2017 International Rail Transit Industry Development Summit held in Chengdu Xindu District. At the meeting, the former Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Li Yizhong, Chinese Academy of Engineering Qian Qingquan, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economics Huang Qunhui and other big coffee have published keynote speeches, and industry development to discuss.

Initiative to build rail transport industry ecosystem

At the 2017 International Rail Transit Industry Development Summit held on 28th, Li Yizhong, former member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC, former director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, deputy director of the Academic Committee of the China Urban Rail Transit Association, and the original inspector of the National Development and Reform Commission, Speech. Their speeches have given high praise to the past development of China's rail transit business, and the industry status and problems have been analyzed in depth.

"Over the past decade, China's rail transportation industry is the fastest growing decade." China Urban Rail Transit Association, deputy director of the Academic Committee Li Guoyong at the meeting revealed that a total of 30 cities built a track of operations, mileage totaling 4152 km, of which Subway mileage of 3168 km, accounting for 76%.

Li Yizhong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, said that over the years, China's annual investment in high-iron only reached 800 billion yuan, the annual investment in rail transportation equipment reached 150 billion yuan. In accordance with the "long-term railway network planning" (2016 version), by 2020, China's railway network will reach 150,000 km, of which, high-speed railway 30,000 km, covering more than 80% of large cities, the formation of "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway Grid. Li Yizhong that rail transit has become China's "national business card", and with the "one way all the way" to the international.

In the local government to see the current development of rail transit business enthusiasm is getting higher and higher, more and more sources of construction funds, Li Guoyong suggested: "China is now a large country of rail transit, the situation is very different, especially Is the western region terrain is more complex, should have their own development model, should allow bold pilot.

In the face of new development opportunities, the perfection of the whole industry chain of rail transit needs the common exploration of all circles, and the industrial ecology circle is feasible way.

"To form a symbiotic, co-evolution of the industrial ecosphere." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economics, said Huang Qunhui industrial eco-circle, said in the context of a new round of industrial revolution, the added value of manufacturing links Will be higher and higher, before and after the extension of the industrial chain, can support urban development, but also to enhance the vitality of rail transportation industry.

Huang Qunhui also put forward four suggestions on cultivating the innovation ability of rail transit ecosystem: one is to repair the innovation chain of manufacturing industry, improve the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements; the second is to build innovation network; three is to improve the niche of innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, Manufacturing innovation ability; four is to strengthen the level of engineering and technical personnel training, improve the technological innovation capacity of workers.

At the end of the summit, the delegates jointly issued a 2017 International Rail Transit Industry Development Summit initiative entitled "Building a Newly Developed Rail Transit to Lead the New Development of Rail Transit": all parties work together to build the rail transit industry ecosystem, Contribution of international competitiveness of transportation industry.

Sample Xindu Jian Jian billion industry cluster

The summit is located in Chengdu Xindu District, and Chengdu, a good rail to the development environment and the industrial base of Xindu District are inseparable, and the meeting referred to the rail transit ecosystem, it is Xindu District is focused on creating One of the projects.

At present, Chengdu is trying to build a comprehensive concept of the new development of the national center of the city, but also the rail transit industry as one of the five prominent development industries, and Chengdu to create "the world rail transit capital." In Chengdu, the local Xindu District, a huge rail transit industry chain is ready to come out. The area from the supply and demand at both ends of the force, efforts to create organic integration, a virtuous circle of rail transportation industry ecology, the formation of hundreds of billions of rail transport industry cluster.

The Chengdu Rail Transit Industrial Park has become the foothold of the development of the rail transit industry in Xindu District, with the Chengdu Company as the leader, targeting the mainstream system and the new standard market development direction, focusing on the development of inter-city EMU, subway, Tram manufacturing and maintenance, new energy power and engineering R & D and maintenance and other business.

With regard to the layout of the new capital in the rail transit industry, Xindu District, the main person in charge said that the new will focus on the industrial chain, innovation chain, high-end links and key areas, the implementation of large capacity, big score, large drive and other industrial clusters Career, in 2025 to achieve 50 billion yuan output value scale, the future is 100 billion scale.